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  • ZuluHero 24 Sep 2013 17:03:37 3,660 posts
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    I'm sure you'll be fine soon bdaggers :)

    Personally I had no issues with mine - local anaesthetic and awake through out, just chatted to the nurses over in like 10 mins. Didn't even need stitches in my scrotum even though they used a scalpel to cut open my balls! :eek:

    Even after all was great - I basically didn't move much and any time i walked anywhere I just cradled them tightly to my body and there was no pain or really any swelling what so ever. Much to my partner's amusement mind you. I didn't even need any pain killers or ice either so i really consider myself lucky in this regard. All healed up pretty fast too.

    Alls been well for the past 8 months, no problems so to speak, though i did go through a phase about 2 months ago where I used to get a dull ache at the...erm... hmm.. 'point of happiness' but that seems to have passed too.

    So everything is fine! Touch wood ;)
  • Deleted user 24 September 2013 17:11:08
    Swelling isn't that bad, maybe 10% ball bag diameter at most.

    C*ck swelling only within previous parameters .... unfortunately.

    Mrs bdaggers is counting the days until the ban is over. Typical 'I can't have it, so now I want it' situation.
  • Deleted user 24 September 2013 17:14:16
    @zuluhero glad to hear it. I was quite concerned about the bruising, then I googled 'post vasectomy bruising' and realised how UNbruised I am.

    Some poor bastard had complete blue c*ck and balls.
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