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  • Deleted user 5 November 2012 13:55:59
    I'll come send off Reach with you tonight if my copy doesn't come.
  • Deleted user 5 November 2012 14:02:08
    Thanks Jive, hope yours doesnt come then!
  • evilashchris 5 Nov 2012 16:56:50 7,222 posts
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    Managed to get out of the fireworks, eight o'clock it is \o/

    Twitter: @COToole

  • zedrexmanasco 6 Nov 2012 10:26:15 3 posts
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    I input the code with my Ltd Ed on Fri/Sat (i got it waaay early) I want to know how/when i get these maps? They are available to buy from the ingame store but when i try it asks for MS points... Any ideas?
  • zedrexmanasco 6 Nov 2012 10:26:33 3 posts
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    Post deleted
  • zedrexmanasco 6 Nov 2012 10:27:11 3 posts
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    its that i want to get online tonight and wanna make sure i have not cocked it up.
  • Deleted user 6 November 2012 11:33:11
    No idea, but you should try posting in the Halo 4 thread, not the Halo 4 organise games thread, you may get more help as more people may see your problem.

    One thought actually, be careful as there was a problem in BF3, where you could buy DLC twice if you went through the marketplace instead of the in-game store.

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  • spamdangled 6 Nov 2012 11:39:45 27,752 posts
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    I've made some room on my friends list.

    GT is same as here.

    3DS: 4055-2781-2855 Xbox: spamdangled PSN: dark_morgan Wii U: Spamdangle Steam: spamdangled

  • evilashchris 6 Nov 2012 11:56:17 7,222 posts
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    Twitter: @COToole

  • DuvaDan88 6 Nov 2012 14:12:03 550 posts
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    Im up for some games with everyone if theres space whenever Tag is DuvaDan

    Xbox, Steam - DuvaDan
    3DS 4639-9278-1687
    Feel free to add me

  • Deleted user 6 November 2012 14:18:45
    So, mahoosive Halo Thursday and Monday coming up then, yes?

    /sharpens thumbs
  • MaxHughes 6 Nov 2012 23:07:16 450 posts
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    I'll be on most evenings apart from Tuesday (work late).

    GT: Sp00ner88

    XBone: Sp00ner88 Twitter: M_H88

  • binky Moderator 7 Nov 2012 08:30:38 10,220 posts
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    @evilashchris and @Redsparrows I've not played Halo online since ODST. Played the campaign of REACH but never really got on with the new additions to multiplayer. Did you guys continue with it?

    Halo 4 seem more in keeping with Reach than with Halo 3. It all feels a bit... CoDdy. Does it get better the more you play? It doesn't feel anywhere near as pure as Halo3 multiplayer (yet).

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  • Deleted user 7 November 2012 09:49:16
    Yes, we played a lot of Reach.

    I've not had the chance to play Halo 4 online yet, but have watched a lot. It's much more of a mix of 3 (speed, jumping, maps, aesthetics) and Reach (armour abilities, loadouts), with a dash of CoD superficial stuff - the gameplay looks much more Halo than CoD. But Reach wasn't as 'pure' as Halo 3.

    I've yet to play it, as I say. In a way I just want Halo 3 reskinned, but my Halo loving chums have all sworn it's still Halo to the core.

    I really think weapon unlocks/XP systems are shit - but I don't mind Halo having it as such. I know that sounds odd, but I think it ruins the feel of a game for some, and artifically enhances it for others, but only in the periphery - not the core gameplay. On the one hand, unlocking a BR doesn't really change how that BR shoots and feels - CoD mechanic to access a Halo staple. On the other, why isn't gameplay enough for people? I don't need +50 points to tell me it feels good to get a triple kill.

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  • DFawkes 7 Nov 2012 11:26:28 24,996 posts
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    Unlocking the BR is insanely fast. A single game will do it easily, but I didn't even have to do that - just having a quick look around 3 maps in Forge did it!

    Grghl fnarr, grhl gnnrl! - Christina Bale as Batman

  • Deleted user 7 November 2012 13:47:30
    See, what's the point of it then? Why bother with unlocks at all? They KNOW what players want to use, and so put rifles first and foremost - I already have the DMR unlocked by playing two custom games to explore maps! I don't want the Storm Rifle, or the Suppressor, or anything but the BR/DMR, then Carbine/LR, so putting it behind an unlock barrier is utterly meaningless.
  • Deleted user 7 November 2012 21:38:19
    I think it's a conscious decision to entice that carrot demographic at first, then hopefully by the end of the unlocks they'll see the depth at halo's core. I rhink specialisations will be more important than weapon unlocking.

    I'm available pretty much available the whole week now for shenanigans. Campaign, spops or mp. Hit me up biatches.
  • Deleted user 8 November 2012 09:58:17
    The carrot demographic needs to understand pretty numbers doesn't make a good game. Halo is a good game because of the gameplay.

    Similarly with WoW - it had the total numbers/loot whore aspect, but I loved it for the thrill of the game, playing with friends. When it's just about pushing a bar you might get more life out of it for some, but it's bollocks compared to what a game should be all about.

    P.S Will be on tonight. \o/
  • sanctusmortis 9 Nov 2012 19:01:08 9,898 posts
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    You can earn stuff a lot easier via SO than you can WG. And putting in the codes gets you around 3000XP. I've played 5 multiplayer matches, played 6 Ops (5 to do them all, 1 on Legendary for a challenge) and finished Heroic campaign, and I'm SR13. It's not like it's a massive grind.
  • aeschylus 10 Nov 2012 12:30:42 446 posts
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    Hi Guys

    I only have one person on my firend list, so please add me, would like to play with some felloe Eger's

    GT = Superdadcometh
  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 22:27:04
    Halo Mondays is it? Need some challenging opponents, currently k/d of 2.4 from ten matches. :)
  • Deleted user 11 November 2012 12:08:23
    Won't be on tomorrow, bah.

    Don't worry Revan, there'll be time for that to drop...:)

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  • Yossarian 11 Nov 2012 12:11:14 8,426 posts
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    Mine dropped a full 0.1 yesterday on a losing streak with a party of all Americans. Don't play with Americans is the lesson I learned.
  • Deleted user 11 November 2012 12:17:36
    Split screen it dropped to 1.99.
    Single screen back up to 2.1 - even against good people!

    Haven rules.
  • MrTomFTW Moderator 11 Nov 2012 12:22:53 41,091 posts
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    Oh yeah, is there a website for all my stats? I assume it's not bungie.net!

    Follow me on Twitter: @MrTom

  • thenastypasty 11 Nov 2012 12:31:03 5,208 posts
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    It's all on Halo waypoint now.
  • mcmonkeyplc 11 Nov 2012 12:38:23 39,733 posts
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    I wanna play now. Anyone interested?

    Come and get it cumslingers!

  • Yossarian 11 Nov 2012 13:36:21 8,426 posts
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    I will play with anyone anytime. I am playing Flood right now and it largely sucks.
  • Ziz0u 12 Nov 2012 07:36:31 8,673 posts
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    I finally got this yesterday. Played an hour of campaign before I stopped fooling myself, and jumped into multiplayer.

    It's still so addictive and fun. Feel free to add me: Zizou1987

    Just as I was about to play one more game, the servers became unavailable which sucked. Did anyone else have this problem? It was around 11pm.
  • Ziz0u 12 Nov 2012 07:54:27 8,673 posts
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    Also, I have Moderate NAT for some reason, even though I have open NAT in every other game. Very odd.
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