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  • phAge 13 Oct 2012 00:44:39 24,386 posts
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    While I agree that how people act is what, in the end, matters most, the IAT is a pretty well-accepted psychological tool.

    It's used, among other places, in the airline industry to determine if pilots are prone to risky flying. Which, incidentally, isn't really a situation where you want to wait and see how people act before you take measures.

    So no, the IAT is not 100% accurate and can never stand alone as an evaluation tool - but neither is it simply a measure of how familiar you are with something.
  • geeza2020 13 Oct 2012 01:09:00 1,888 posts
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    err, I spent about 20 minutes pressing 'k' and 'd' on my keyboard in some infinite loop of Bill Crosby's and Hilary Clinton's. I had to close the test as it didnt seem to ever end :\
  • Deleted user 13 October 2012 02:18:16
    I'm not racist and hate fat people. This shit is magic
  • MightyMouse 13 Oct 2012 02:27:45 1,133 posts
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    And it makes sense for something like whether pilots are prone to risky flying, since that isn't mainly driven by conscious decision making. The connection between this and conscious behaviours is frankly unknown. Without the context of a specific task, saying 'you implicitly favour x race/sex/gender' is pretty meaningless, and leads people to conclude that it tells them whether they're 'really' prejudiced in some way, which is a reduction that's silly.

    As to whether it's a test of how familiar you are with something, salience is generally considered at least a large factor. The IAT may eventually tell us something, but without a better model for behaviour it's impossible to accurately conclude much from it.
  • MightyMouse 13 Oct 2012 02:29:08 1,133 posts
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    It's about the Implicit Association Test. What the results of the test actually mean is a bone of contention.
  • mrharvest 13 Oct 2012 06:58:52 5,200 posts
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    The questionnaires were so much written from North American stand point that half the questions didn't mean anything to me.

    Anyway. I don't drive and here there aren't any buses as such. Instead you have these little minibuses that frequently take 20-25 passengers. Now per se I don't have anything against fat people but when I'm on a minibus with 25 other people I really wish the fat mamas wouldn't take up two seats. This is exacerbated by historical and social norms that fat people here are rich and they believe that they are more important than poor people, so they don't even try to make space for other people.
  • darkmorgado 13 Oct 2012 11:02:14 15,566 posts
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    Fat people are disgusting. They also tend to be extremely stupid. They should be ashamed of themselves and either get on a diet or book themselves into dignitas.

    Support the Mowgli Dirty Protest!

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