RIP Harry Harrison

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  • PearOfAnguish 16 Aug 2012 00:46:36 7,547 posts
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    Harry Harrison has made room and passed away.

    Sad news, brilliant SF author who dabbled in many sub-genres and had the rare talent of being able to write comical SF. Stainless Steel Rat and Bill Galactic Hero were some of my favourites growing up.
  • Whizzo 16 Aug 2012 01:19:09 43,508 posts
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    Ah man that's horrible news, Harry is the science fiction writer I've read more than any other. So wide range of stories from the light hearted stuff like Jim DiGriz's and Bill's adventures to a bit more serious stuff like the Deathworld books to the rather bleak "Make Room! Make Room!" which everyone knows as Soylent Green when it was filmed and even then it wasn't as downbeat as it was written.

    I think I'll dig out "Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers" tomorrow to cheer myself up.

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  • Dr.Haggard 16 Aug 2012 07:42:58 4,287 posts
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    Very sad news, yeah this definitely calls for digging out some old books. It must be 25 years or more since I read anything by him, but the name Harry Harrison is very vivid in my memories of a period of my childhood.

    I think the first book of his I read was Spaceship Medic, and from that I discovered the Stainless Steel Rat series which I became a little obsessed with for a while. I think West of Eden was probably the last Harry Harrison I read. Need to see if I've still got any of them, I'll be gutted if I haven't.
  • MetalDog 16 Aug 2012 07:50:25 23,939 posts
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  • TechnoHippy 16 Aug 2012 08:32:51 14,716 posts
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    Sad news, the Stainless Steel Rat was some of my first sci-fi.

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  • Khanivor 16 Aug 2012 17:04:06 41,572 posts
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    Whizzo wrote:

    I think I'll dig out "Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers" tomorrow to cheer myself up.
    As will I. Time for yet another re-read of that fantastic book.
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