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  • ElNuevo9 25 Jun 2013 22:22:27 14,126 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    I didn't last long with this.

    It may be one of the best games of the past 15 years, but that introduction can fuck off.

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  • ecu 25 Jun 2013 22:48:46 79,453 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    The intro is really long, yeah. The first few hours are quite slow, it doesn't get great until you start getting more abilities and the game opens out. It's a 60 hour game, it's worth sticking through a slow few hours.
  • danathjo 25 Jun 2013 23:04:14 7,916 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    yeah, second save point in village
    will come back another day, big fan of twilight princess but have so many more games to play compared to those days, just hope I can hold out
  • Armoured_Bear 25 Jun 2013 23:51:03 18,672 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Anyone know if the download version has the end credits?
  • Zackv4861 26 Jun 2013 06:37:29 1,190 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I got bored of this. I'm about 40+ i think. Can't remember. I've just done a moving island dungeon if that helps. How far from the end am I as i'd like to at least complete it.
  • King_Edward 26 Jun 2013 07:42:16 11,471 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    @Zackv4861 I don't remember any moving island puzzles, but at 40 hours you shouldn't be far from done. My finished save clocked in at 38 hours, and I did most of the side quest stuff.
  • Armoured_Bear 26 Jun 2013 07:59:39 18,672 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    I took a good 60 hours IIRC,
  • Deleted user 30 September 2013 13:07:10
    Hmm, thinking about sucking up my pride (boycotting Capcom games since the SFxT debacle) and dropping the dosh on this.

    It's one of my fave games of all time, I need a hefty single player title (I absolutely destroyed GTA V - hitting near 70 hours on the clock with it!) and all the talk of Wind Waker HD has my cel-shaded taste buds a flowin'.
  • Deleted user 30 September 2013 13:17:52
    Fuzzy - you should have snapped it up on Ps+ ;)
  • Deleted user 30 September 2013 13:35:45
    There is a weird kind of motion blur on this when you spin the camera, kind of like you see when a TV has really high latency and you get motion trails.

    Except in this, it's actually designed that way, and it goes some way to taking the sheen off the HD visuals.
  • Armoured_Bear 30 Sep 2013 14:28:39 18,672 posts
    Seen 1 minute ago
    Registered 5 years ago
    rumblesushi wrote:
    Fuzzy - you should have snapped it up on Ps+ ;)
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