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  • fletch7100 8 Mar 2013 14:14:03 6,173 posts
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    Did like the Jurassic Park style achievement
  • Vortex808 8 Mar 2013 14:53:43 6,566 posts
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    DUFFMAN5 wrote:
    @Vortex808 cheveo whore ;)

    Guilty as charged m'lud, but only if I can be arsed and the game feels worth it. Nuts to grinding for stuff.
  • hiddenranbir 22 Mar 2013 13:10:30 5,744 posts
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    Got this on discount.

    Never have I been as disappointed with a game as quickly as Crysis 3. It is a good thing it is pretty cause man it is stupid.

    So right from the off I get my cross bow and I have to stealth around to objective room, Okay, sure. I end up using my npc ally as a decoy, he is unkillable so all the AI enemy just rush and crowd around him, dying one by one as I prance across the giant room to my objective. Guns are still firing of course, until I reach the trigger point and my lovely npc ally has teleported to me, the enemy have vanished and we can all move on to the next 'set piece'.

    Next part, some long fancy bridge. I take some out, they call for reinforcements, that's cool, it feels cool...but wait, they spawn extra enemies from a closed room I was JUST in and have barely moved 10m away from to see two enemy soldiers jog out of there.

    For as good and 'omgrealistic' it can look, it sure goes out of its way to make me ignore all the pretty graphics are just for show and nothing else. A real bad job of 'smokes and mirrors'.
  • Deleted user 30 June 2013 23:38:26
    Just got this and fuck me is it frustrating. Only played the first, which I loved, on the PC. Not touched the second (PC wouldn't play it) and picked this up on the 360. I'm finding the instant my cloak goes I get shot at straight away. Guards can see me through everything apparently. I appreciate this is me just being rubbish at it but I don't remember the first being this frustrating. Maybe it is partly because it doesn't feel as tight with the 360 pad as it did with M&KB.

    Any tips for rubbish players?
  • Barrel_Trollz 1 Jul 2013 05:18:43 134 posts
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    Yeah, I've got a few.
    1: Use only walls for cover, and don't depend on foliage. Even C2 had foliage cover for stealth, which bizzarely was removed from C3. They can spot you from almost any distance.
    2: Make a reflex of slamming the Armor button when you go into a firefight. Helps a ton.
    2.5 (Edit): Make a habit of marking your enemies. you can see them through walls in your visor from the get go!
    3: You can use the bow on short draw and it'll kill anything in one shot still
    4: Never fire whilst cloaked without an un suppressed weapon
    5: The Grendel is your lord and savior
    6: In all honesty..put the game down if you aren't having fun. Looking for a sandbox stealth game? Deus Ex Human Revolution. A sandbox shooter? Far Cry 3. On Rails absurd action? Vanquish
    A better Crysis game? Crysis 2.

    Edited by Barrel_Trollz at 05:23:34 01-07-2013
  • Tuffty 1 Jul 2013 09:12:52 1,392 posts
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    Don't get too hung up on stealth, I replayed the first section constantly trying to get by without being spotted and trying to take all the guards out stealthily but there's no point beating yourself up over it. There's no incentive or reward for completing sections stealthily. Guards spot you if you're not cloaked from any distance which is, I guess, more accurate to reality but it doesn't make for a good game where stealth is a key component of playing.

    I think each combat scenario should be treated as using a variety of all your moves. You use stealth to approach and take out as many guards as possible but if you get spotted, just go all guns blazing, you're more than capable. What breaks the game is that you can be spotted, hide behind some cover for your energy to replenish, activate stealth again and because the enemy AI is dumb enough to approach you trying to find you, you can sneak around and stealth kill. It works for all enemies, all the time.

    For me, I largely play Crysis 3 for the multiplayer.
  • Maturin 1 Jul 2013 10:30:56 2,734 posts
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    I view stealth in C3 as a way of getting in the best position before getting into a big firefight. So I start quiet in an area before going noisy when I'm ready.

    Use your visor to mark targets. Also use it after you've used your bow to mark where the arrows are to pick up.
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