PayPal = How to put money in ?

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  • xYOSSARIANx 7 Apr 2012 16:07:24 307 posts
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    I have scoured the Paypal site and could not find an answer to this.

    I don't want to validate a PP account using my bank or CC details, is there any way to put money into a PP account without doing that.

    I just want to buy some games off GOG, and I want to pay using Paypal, I've never used it. I just want to be able to use something similar to topping up on my mobile. Do shops do PayPal credits, if so which ?
  • Fatiguez 7 Apr 2012 16:17:17 8,844 posts
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    Does your computer have a DVD drive?
  • Deleted user 7 April 2012 16:30:23
    How would you expect to put money into PayPal without using, you know, money?

    Bank account or credit card.
  • xYOSSARIANx 7 Apr 2012 16:50:42 307 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago

    Exactly the same way as I asked in the OP, you go into a shop, in the shop you go to the counter and hand over money and they either automatically top up your account or hand you a receipt with an activation code. Just like mobile phones and xbox live does.

    Was that really so hard to understand.
  • xYOSSARIANx 7 Apr 2012 16:51:39 307 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago

    No it's a netbook.
  • Deleted user 7 April 2012 16:53:34
    PayPal doesn't have giftcards. You could use a prepaid credit card like Moneybookers but that requires bank details. In short without a bank account and credit/debit card you cannot use PayPal.
  • mal 7 Apr 2012 18:39:48 24,662 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Have they stopped doing those credit cards you can buy in corner shops for cash? I guess they've got a massive markup on them which is why I've not used one for 3DS points, but it may be an option if you've more money than sense.
  • Load_2.0 7 Apr 2012 18:54:21 21,542 posts
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    Games = internet porn.
  • Dirtbox 7 Apr 2012 18:56:29 84,099 posts
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    Is this thread for realz.
  • Peew971 7 Apr 2012 22:52:11 6,273 posts
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    My local Sainburys sells PayPal gift cards. But as far as I know you might still have to give them your bank details for them to verify your ID.
  • Jacksie66 7 Apr 2012 23:41:00 583 posts
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    Stick your willie in the usb slot, shake it, pray to elvis presely and boom....
    Money in the bank...
  • neilka Funniest Forumite, 2014 8 Apr 2012 03:01:34 17,286 posts
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    press buton
  • Carlo 8 Apr 2012 08:32:12 18,652 posts
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    I would have thought Anti money-laundering laws would prevent you using PayPal in an anonymous cash-only basis.
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