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  • Jono62 22 Feb 2012 10:29:35 13,628 posts
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    THFourteen wrote:
    Are you from Ghana?

    Give us some money :)

    Or if you prefer, get a team together and attend our fundraising quiz on Saturday 25th February, its 20 per head, but you get food included, and all the profits go to the charity

    /shameless plug
    Mr Webmaster. The payment sections aren't working.
  • Vice.Destroyer 25 Mar 2012 14:31:15 5,791 posts
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    I posted this somewhere else, but thought I'd share it with you guys as well.

    Ah...! I'm back in the UK after my trip to Uganda. Not sure if I announced it here, but I fancy sharing some pictures. So settle back, you're going to be a little bored.

    Some of you may know I have a brother in Uganda and I went primarily to present him with an Xbox and some games. Long story short, it was cheaper to do this in person than send it through the post, because the Ugandan Revenue Authority charges 55% of the value of the package as import tax. This is on top of the 155 to send a package from UK to Uganda. And here is a selection of the games he got.

    Count up the RRP of all those games and work out how much 55% of that lot is. I haven't bothered. But it will be a damn sight more than 483 rtn to Uganda.

    I sent my brother an Xbox 1 years ago and it made me smile to see the old and new side by side.

    Here is a termite hill in Uganda. Taller than me. Nearly tripped and fell headfirst into that motherfucker.

    And a little shot of both me and my brother engaged in a bit of Street Fighter violence.

    Walking about in Kampala is a little nuts. There are open manholes all over the place. No street lamps. So if you don't watch where you are going at night, it can become a little smelly and painful.

    Pictures don't really do traffic in Kampala justice. But let me say this. These picture nearly killed me.

    It took me 5 days to pluck up the courage to get on one of these motorcycles/taxis. There are no riding schools in Uganda, so none of these guys have licences.

    Want more pictures?
  • Vice.Destroyer 25 Mar 2012 14:33:07 5,791 posts
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    Here are some more.

    When I was taking a quick walk around, saw some green bananas for sale.

    This is staple food here and it is called Matooke. It gets mashed into a paste and served with anything and everything. But these green bananas are seriously lacking in essential minerals, nutrients, etc. Because of that, Bill Gates himself is funding a project to genetically modify green bananas, so that people that eat these will get the equivalent of a balanced meal.
    More info here.

    Also, everything has to be nailed down here.

    A taxi driver catching a nap balanced on his motorcycle.

    A street musician. And his drummer using a cog as drums.

    And finally, these motorcyclists/taxis are insane. I saw one transporting an articulated lorry wheel. I tried so hard to catch a picture of one of them carrying something insane. But it really is, blink and you will miss it. CRazies thing I managed to capture was this guy.

    You can barely make out a TV, but what you didn't see is that he was also ferrying a passenger. Who was balancing the TV on the motorcycle with his knees.. Insane.
  • Vice.Destroyer 25 Mar 2012 14:34:20 5,791 posts
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    Oh yes, here is the termite picture.

    Here is me standing in a sugar cane field.

    An open-air market in Entebbe, with a little nosey parker getting into the picture.

    And most importantly, a shot of geekiness in action.
  • Vice.Destroyer 25 Mar 2012 14:35:32 5,791 posts
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    Here is me celebrating my survival on one of these crazy motorcycles. We went onto incoming traffic!!!

    Here is my brother deep in thought with Peggle!

    Here is me and my little brother. (I call him little, but he isn't little. Just turned 30. But I haven't seen him for 20 years.)

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