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  • mrharvest 17 Jan 2014 10:19:55 5,200 posts
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    Those fucking optional objectives. Seriously, fuck them.
  • TheMayorOfJugs 17 Jan 2014 10:36:53 4,255 posts
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    mrharvest wrote:
    Those fucking optional objectives. Seriously, fuck them.
    Kill your enemies without touching them
    Hover 10 feet in the air
    Learn to juggle saxophones
  • Deleted user 17 January 2014 10:50:13
    I'm off to pick up a copy of this from CEX today. Only just finished REVS but have an overwhelming urge to get stuck into this. I need me some more AC goodness.

    Edit: thank you cex, you gave me forty three quid for five games, four of which I paid less than a fiver for. Superb.

    Now to get stuck in to more AC! still have enough credit to grab black flag too. Score.

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  • Raiko101 17 Jan 2014 11:54:30 6,565 posts
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    Ignore the side missions. Unless you're an achievement-nut, you don't need to worry about them. Few of them are worth the effort.

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  • Deleted user 27 January 2014 10:35:48
    My god this is a glitchy mess, I cannot turn without seeing something odd happen, people are popping in and out all over the place. Who signed this off? I think the graphics overall were better in AC: Revs as well.

    Still, great bloody fun. Sequence 6 and I'm a proper Assassin with my costume and everything. Actually quite like Connor.
  • DFawkes 27 Jan 2014 11:34:30 23,716 posts
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    I just didn't feel like I understood Conner. His aims are simplistic but he goes about it in the strangest ways, just because some glorified Christmas Tree Bauble told him to. I'm never sure why he trusts the people he trusts. I felt I knew Ezio, Edward and even Altair better.

    For me, AC3 is more about the world you're in rather than Conner, with even more focus that the other games on Desmond and the end of the trilogies overarching story. There is also a bit more depth given to the Templars, who have their side of the story fleshed out a lot more. The thing is, the vast majority couldn't give a flying monkeys about the series, and prefer the self contained story to be better, making AC3 a great one for fans of the story, but maybe not for everyone else. AC4 is better as a stand-alone story, in my opinion.

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  • VideoGameAddict25 27 Jan 2014 12:08:28 343 posts
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    mrharvest wrote:
    Those fucking optional objectives. Seriously, fuck them.
    Remain undetected while on ships
    Air assassinate a grenadier
    Do not tackle or shove anyone

    Those are just some of the objectives that I hate. To them I say:

    FUCK... RIGHT... OFF!
  • FuzzyDuck 22 Feb 2014 15:03:15 4,673 posts
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    After a great buzz with AC IV (on the PS4), I picked this up on the PS3... fucking hell, what a stark difference.

    Played about an hour 20 of it, so far it feels like an MGS game - cut scene, learn how to walk, cut scene, learn how to climb, cut scene, zzz... The characters are completely boring and I've had one hard lock with it already (had to yank the power lead out of the PS3, not cool).

    Still, paid all of 5 for it, so I guess I'll see how it goes.
  • wuntyphyve 22 Feb 2014 15:15:34 1,506 posts
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    @FuzzyDuck I'm struggling with it myself. Just lacks the magic and polish of other ac games. Definitely a weak point.
  • FuzzyDuck 22 Feb 2014 15:26:27 4,673 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago

    I was never the biggest fan of the series, but it's a clear downgrade from II and at least I managed a few hours on Brotherhood before I chucked it. I'm considering ditching this if something interesting doesn't happen soon.
  • wuntyphyve 22 Feb 2014 15:48:43 1,506 posts
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    @FuzzyDuck I loved 1 all through 2, brotherhood and personally really liked revelations. Can't get into this and I'm halfway through. It's like they got the work experience guys to make it. There's big chunks of dialogue missing, stuff goes unexplained, side missions are random and nonsensical. The game engine is a mess and it's quite ugly in places. I've not played it for weeks and really don't know if I'm going to go back to it. I really went in with an open mind as well, and there is stuff that's brilliant but...
  • Darth_Flibble 22 Feb 2014 16:15:01 1,765 posts
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    Don't forget tom gave this 9/10! I don't get angry at reviews like some twats on EG does but all I will say the AC3 review is terrible.

    Its worrying when people say the game is still glitching ages after release. (Another reason why all downloads for games is a shit idea)
  • FuzzyDuck 23 Feb 2014 22:37:34 4,673 posts
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    Sounds like the type of game I usually ditch!

    I'll give it another spin next week, but I've had absolutely no desire to go near it for my spot of gaming this evening.
  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 22:43:55 1,506 posts
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    @FuzzyDuck Yeah man. Really disappointed with it. I went into it straight off the back of Revelations*, like, the next day, and the jump in quality was massive. I had to check the damn box to make sure I hadn't been conned , bought a cheap third party rip off instead like Assassassassin's Creed 3, with Kevin Kenway.

    Going to leave it for a bit also. Plenty of games on the shelf.

    *which unlike a lot of people, I really highly rate as the most polished and refined AC.
  • FuzzyDuck 23 Feb 2014 22:49:46 4,673 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago

    I've never played Revelations! I made the mistake of playing Brotherhood back to back with II and burnt out on the series (nothing wrong with Brotherhood, was just too "more of the same" for me at the time).

    I've come from the PS4 version of IV to the PS3 version of III, so this is a complete shock at the drop in quality.

    As you say, plenty of other stuff to crack on with, so I'll save it for a rainy day.

    I'll have to move somewhere that has a monsoon season for it to rain enough.
  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 23:01:19 1,506 posts
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    Registered 10 months ago
    @FuzzyDuck Ha yeah. I know what you mean.

    Aye well 2, Bro and Revs need a good gap between. I left a year between each so they felt fresh. Prob not worth you playing Revs now but if there's ever a moment you get the urge to try it, I do recommend it. I think it's the one with the least amount of shitty action interludes that don't work with the game engine. No shitty Leo machines or anything. (I know it's got the tower defence bits but outside of the tutorial I didn't have to do one, quite easy to ensure you don't need to).

    IV sounds like it's worth a play though, so may ditch this and get that in a bit.

    Even so. I'm def getting hooded-man-running-over-rooftops fatigue.
  • FuzzyDuck 23 Feb 2014 23:10:09 4,673 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago

    Hmm, well it sounds like a playthrough if/when I spot it on the cheap.

    I'd say what I loved about IV is the fact that it's a jolly (hoho) good pirate game. The world is great to explore, and it allows you to mix up what you're doing to keep it fresh.

    That said, a lot of the main missions are uninspired, tailing nonsense. Ubi have added the feature to rate the main missions, so I gave everything with a tailing section 1/5, and there's a few other forumites who have done the same.

    Here's hoping they get the message!
  • wuntyphyve 23 Feb 2014 23:16:29 1,506 posts
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    Registered 10 months ago
    @FuzzyDuck Got to say their mission have always been pretty shit, tailing especially, so sorry to hear there's loads more in IV.

    It's very frustrating, as with the AC games, their game engine and what they've built up they have the potential to create something fucking amazing. They're just not there yet.

    Although I have learned loads since playing them! Me and the Mrs watched Skyfall not long ago and at the beginning there's a bit of a city chase. The wife goes "where's that, looks a nice city to visit?". I of course recognise it as Istanbul and say as much. She goes "how do you know?".

    I of course admit it was because Revelations did such a cracking job of recreating the city, and lose a few cool points in the process.

    I should have just said mysteriously that it was because I used to be an assassin there. Instant bed+fun time then.
  • kinky_mong 21 May 2014 11:28:12 10,688 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    So against all odds I'm actually enjoying this game at the moment, mainly from the side missions and mucking about in the Frontier and Homestead.

    One thing I can't fathom at all though is the crafting and convoy system. What exactly is the point of it? Crafting items seems convoluted because you have to back out of menus constantly to buy the right items for recipes. When I do eventually send a convoy the money it earns is pitiful, and it always gets attacked despite the risk apparently being low.

    All the eurogamers who actually play with each other on xbl rather than just post pseudointellectual pc handwringing bollocks on the forums, love the shit out of biggy.

  • DFawkes 21 May 2014 11:34:26 23,716 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    I think I only bothered with a couple of convoys. It's not a good system. I can barely even remember the crafting stuff.

    That convoys are far better later on, when you get better routes and more stuff available, as well as significantly dropping the chance of being attacked. The thing is, by that point in the game you'll probably have enough cash to buy ALL THE THINGS anyway, rendering it useless at the same point it should've become useful.

    Still, at least they mostly fixed that in AC4 and made navel convoys usable fairly early on.

    Oh for goodness sake, I've caught my scrotum in my zip again - Margaret Thatcher, 1986

  • FuzzyDuck 22 May 2014 02:14:19 4,673 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    This is still sitting untouched from my last post - hey ho.
  • FatSternKikwi 22 May 2014 03:49:17 608 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    I really enjoyed this game despite all the obvious problems.

    I might be alone in this but I enjoyed the story and setting. Connor isn't the best but i still liked him.

    Digging into the homestead stuff is totally worth it. Its a bit confusing but when you get the hang of it it just feels rewarding.
  • FortysixterUK 20 Jul 2014 00:13:50 391 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    Just completed Assassins Creed 3 for the first time 19 July 2014. I'm playing through the entire series prior to Unity & Comet ( working title for the last of the old gen format AC games).

    Sheer bloody mindedness is all that got me through this awful excuse for an AC game.
    There are some positives. The voice acting is brilliant , the story good.

    It tends to be a rapid descent downhill from there.

    The main character Connor is simply unlikeable. An irritating, moaning , whining person with such a small degree of personality that empathy is nigh on impossible . Alternately, all the stories Templars are fascinating characters.

    The combat is counter intuitive when compared to every other AC game, with enemies able to block you constantly, yet seemingly easily break your defences. Damage appears to be random, with sometimes a single blow killing a red coat soldier, and other times taking 6-10 hits.

    Stealth tactics that work in some parts of the game are seemingly removed from other parts of the game just to make a given mission that little bit harder.

    When fighting soldiers, if in public, they seem to constantly respawn, leading me several times to just run from combat as increasingly hard mobs would start adding to the overly large fight.

    Object, animals and people often hover in mid air at various heights.

    Sound cuts out during cut scenes and in game conversations.

    Cloned characters appear right next to each other on city streets, often clipping into each other.

    Version played- xbox 360.

    FYI, my son, who is playing the PC version at the same time has advised me of two instances where the character gets stuck on scenery necessitating a re- boot of the game, and to date, 2 crashes.

    Let's not forget it's also NOT A VERY GOOD GAME. Don't buy it, just go and play the incredible and vastly superior Assassins Creed 4 - Black Flag.

    My score? 4/10 for AC3.

    In my opinion, every other AC games scores between 7 &9, as all the others are very good.
  • FuzzyDuck 20 Jul 2014 02:55:16 4,673 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Crikey, I can barely scrape one game every few years, but binging on the entire series before the next two?

    I tip my hat, don't think I'm that into any series :)
  • VideoGameAddict25 20 Jul 2014 09:01:54 343 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    I regret buying the DLC for this game even though it was half price. Fuck those stupid Guard Dogs!
    I also had an optional objective when I had to not let ANY enemies through. I had finished the mission but ONE FUCKING HORSE got through at the end and that FAILED the optional objective! :mad:

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  • WinterSnowblind 20 Jul 2014 09:23:35 1,247 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    @FortysixterUK Just finished the game a few days ago too with pretty similar feelings. Particularly about Connor. The few bits we see of Haytham were so much more enjoyable, I really wish he could have been the main character for the whole game (even if that would have required changing the plot quite a bit).

    Mainly I didn't understand why, even when learning that the colonists were the ones screwing him over, he continues helping them against the British. Once again it seems we're shoehorned into being the villains, even when it doesn't make any sense. Although I at least applaud them for not glossing over the hypocrisy of "freedom".

    I did just start playing AC4 though and roughly a couple of hours into the game I can safely say that it's much better in every single regard.
  • GiarcYekrub 17 Oct 2014 10:59:29 3,823 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    So I completed AC3 last night... really confused by the plot, when Juno and Minerva were talking I had no idea what was going on... Also What exactly did Lucy do? Why was she killed? Why Shawn and the other one seem to think she was a traitor?
  • the_milkybar_kid 17 Oct 2014 11:07:24 652 posts
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    Registered 5 months ago
    I loved the ending for the 2nd but didn't comprehend who Minerva was. Was some pretty sinister 4th wall breaking stuff. The ending for the 3rd though, I couldn't even tell you what happened. I think they try to make it that clever, but it just comes off as obscure and is pretty poor when most players will refer to a guide to comprehend what the fuck was going on.

    /not helpful, I know. There's some pretty good explanations about the endings (some on Eurogamer I think too).

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