"The Silly Photo in Serious News" Thread

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  • Deleted user 18 September 2011 14:20:31
    I'm sure the BBC do this deliberately these days and I shall begin with Danny Alexander from this article - see the still on the video here.
  • Immaterial 18 Sep 2011 14:23:26 1,595 posts
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    AKA 'Beaker from the Muppets'

    Think I'll just switch everything off.

  • mal 18 Sep 2011 14:57:42 22,997 posts
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    Didn't NTK used to have a semi-regular feature of surreal or overly literal stock photos atttached to news stories by the BBC?

    Cubby didn't know how to turn off sigs!

  • mrpon 18 Sep 2011 16:16:35 29,814 posts
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    Not serious, but silly.

    Give me 5 I'm worth it.

  • CosmicFuzz 18 Sep 2011 16:28:24 26,464 posts
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    Haha! He looks like those pictures of old men that you can turn upside-down and it looks like a young lady.

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  • jonsaan 18 Sep 2011 16:41:53 25,509 posts
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    He does look like someone who might half inch your kecks.


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