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  • Psychotext 28 May 2013 11:47:37 61,472 posts
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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    Russia arms Syria government to deter intervention

    Oh goody.

    Yay. =/

    Grr, damn new page.

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  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 12:13:55
    They're doing it to prevent external intervention....yet that is exactly what they're doing.
  • fletch7100 28 May 2013 12:40:38 8,367 posts
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    Hezbollah have joined with Assads forces
    US say Assad forces used chemical weapons, couple of days later UN announced that the rebel fighters used chemical weapons, no hard evidence Assad forces used them. Whole chemical weapon story is forgotten.
    Couple of days ago the chemical weapons being used by Assad story is started up again and now the EU have lifted its embargo against arming the Syrian rebels. So from August the rebels can be "officially" be armed by EU countries
  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 12:56:52
    I think that embargo was going to be lifted anyway, given that the Russians hadn't stopped supplying arms. The clever fuckers have bought Assad months of time to sort out his armed forces, by arguing against intervention at the UN, all the time pushing along their own intervention.

    Dunno what to think of the 'red line' over chemical weapons. I'm guessing a breach will result in.. another red line.

    I kind of think the Americans won't mind too much if Assad's regime -if not the man himself- stays in control. Better such a regime than Islamist nutjobs.
  • Psychotext 28 May 2013 13:24:55 61,472 posts
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    Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said the Russian missile systems had not yet left Russia.

    "I hope they will not leave, and if, God forbid, they reach Syria, we will know what to do," he said.
  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 13:28:36
    I'm going on holiday next week. Can we please wait till I get back before we have WW3?

    I don't fancy being stuck on a Greek Island when the shit kicks off.
  • fletch7100 28 May 2013 13:57:37 8,367 posts
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    Plus that missile deal was probably a warning against Israel not to make another air strike inside Syria . Then again Israel said their air strikes inside Syria was to stop weapons reaching Hezbollah in Lebanon

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  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 14:20:49
    fletch7100 wrote:
  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 14:25:24
    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    I'm going on holiday next week. Can we please wait till I get back before we have WW3?

    I don't fancy being stuck on a Greek Island when the shit kicks off.
    Aren't the Nazis in power now in Greece? Guess the pound will go a fair way, so, every cloud.
  • senso-ji 28 May 2013 14:48:57 7,910 posts
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    War really is a lucrative business, isn't it? Sell arms to both the Assad regime and the rebels and pretend it's the moral thing to do.
  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 14:50:43
    Good god y'all.
  • Deleted user 28 May 2013 21:48:25
    :| not looking good is it. Close to the stage now where there loosely defined 'sides'. If one punches, the rest will come piling in. Israel and Iran must be almost itching.

    /slight over reaction but it feels a little like that.

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  • oceanmotion 28 May 2013 21:52:10 17,196 posts
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    How do the rebels even afford the weapons ?

    Surely can't be free or cheap.
  • FWB 28 May 2013 21:54:34 53,634 posts
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    Drugs. Donations. Can collections. Cake bake offs.
  • monkehhh 28 May 2013 21:55:13 4,680 posts
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    "Here's some guns, pay us back in delicious oil and shit when you're in power"?
  • Deleted user 30 May 2013 09:28:20
    oceanmotion wrote:
    How do the rebels even afford the weapons ?

    Surely can't be free or cheap.
    There is strong suspicion that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Sunni Gulf states (and individuals) are funding the rebels.

    The payoff for them?

    1) Politically, undermining the regime in Damascus weakens Tehran's influence in the region, (and thwarts the creation of a giant Shia bloc extending from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon's Hezbollah).

    2) Economically, the tension created in the region helps prop up the oil price.

    3) Ideologically, the destruction of one of the last remaining secular regimes in the Arab world, facilitates the promotion of Sunni fundamentalism.

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  • sirtacos 30 May 2013 15:09:21 7,970 posts
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    Turkey must be feeling hot under the collar right about now.
  • localnotail 3 Jun 2013 08:25:24 23,083 posts
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    Sounds pretty scary in Istanbul
  • senso-ji 3 Jun 2013 09:17:18 7,910 posts
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    I say fair play to those protesters. If green spaces here in the UK were demolished for the sake of big business we'd just complain about it for a few days and the work will go ahead anyway.
  • DaM 3 Jun 2013 09:43:18 16,684 posts
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    Is it not more than that now? It may have sparked the initial protest, but is it not more about the increasing influence of religion on the Government's policies? Restricting the sale of alcohol after 10pm for instance?

    If half the army weren't on trial, I'm sure they'd be doing their usual by now...
  • Deleted user 3 June 2013 09:46:22
    Yeah as I understand it, it's developed into a more 'anti-Islamification in govt policy' than just about the park protest.

    Shopping centres are a bane of our collective lives. FTP!
  • localnotail 3 Jun 2013 11:29:25 23,083 posts
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    Protests in front of the main news station for refusing to cover the story

    Good source of info on the park protest Facebook page.
  • Deleted user 5 June 2013 08:27:39
    Erdogan losing grip on power.

    As recently as mid-May, Erdogan boasted during an appearance at the Brookings Institute in Washington D.C. of the $29 billion airport his government was planning to build in Istanbul. "Turkey no longer talks about the world," he said. "The world talks about Turkey."

    Just two weeks later, he appears to have been right -- just not quite in the way he had anticipated.
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  • Deleted user 5 June 2013 09:31:38
    Meanwhile in Egypt:

    An aide to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has apologised after she failed to inform politicians holding talks with the president that they were live on air, allowing viewers to watch them cook up plans to sabotage a dam in Ethiopia.
    The news is certainly entertaining these days.
  • localnotail 11 Jun 2013 23:41:00 23,083 posts
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    That shitbag Erdogan has sent the police in to Taksim Square in full force tonight. Looks like they set up some undercover cops as petrol bombing agitators to allow them to proceed with some nasty violence against the protesters. More info

  • Deleted user 11 June 2013 23:56:09
    It doesn't look good. Looking increasingly similar to Egypt.
  • Tom_Servo 12 Jun 2013 00:31:57 18,082 posts
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  • NBZ 12 Jun 2013 01:17:53 2,413 posts
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    I doubt it would be anything like egypt - AFAIK Istanbul alone has a population of around 14 million. The protesters number in the few thousand.

    Besides, these protesters are not that broad - specific segments of society that were propped through oppressive means are the ones feeling the pinch and after the initial protests, many of them have siezed on the bandwaggon. This segment hate the current government and do not want anything but for the government to go and their old ways restored.

    but those ways were not just and were oppressive.

    Some want the "attack" on alcohol by having licensed selling hours to be removed. We all have alcohol licensing hours. But Turkey, through its previous regimes that more or less forced a bastardised version of westernisation that was a pale imitation of what we have here didn't have that.

    Under this government, women who chose to wear the headscarf were banned from higher education and jobs in the Public service. Those who went to religious schools were banned from seeking university education.

    The first attempt by the government to allow women who wore headscarves education and work almost resulted in the governing party being disbanded and its members being banned from politics for life by the judiciary. This was after they had won an election getting AFAIK 47% of the vote.

    This does not stop those who do not wear a headscarf from edication or employment, but specific segments of society feel threatened as they now have to compete on equal grounds.

    There were various institutions which thoguht they were above the ignirant masses and it was their job to teach the people how to live. Many of these have had their powers curtailed:

    The Police had an issue with extra judicial killings. THe Military with often carrying out coups and meddling in politics, and Judiciary for supporting the other two in preventing freedom for the masses.

    Under the current this all has changed but people who benefited from the old systems are obviously not happy about this.
  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 01:37:17
    Has the number of pot-bangers been estimated? Those quiet, stay-at-home protestors? I thought they were rather nice. Reminded me of that "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" bit from some film, only much nicer.
  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 01:39:06

    A longer clip, where people (who are actors, I do know) stick their heads out the window and shout "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!"

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