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  • Deleted user 11 January 2013 21:16:57
    Spent a bit of time with this earlier - seriously disappointed! :(

    All the characters (so far) play the exact same, and part of that similarity being clunky as hell.

    And it's not very colourblind friendly I don't know who I'm attacking half the time.

    I'll give it the weekend but this might be hitting the swapasies thread.
  • King_Edward 11 Jan 2013 21:23:56 11,471 posts
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    FuzzyDuck wrote:

    And it's not very colourblind friendly I don't know who I'm attacking half the time.
    I'm not colour blind and I feel like that. :)
  • King_Edward 11 Jan 2013 21:25:44 11,471 posts
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    darkmorgado wrote:
    What's the variety of fighters like? I've read a lot of reviews saying they all play pretty much identically.

    And am I right in thinking that the single player story is, essentially, Madworld 2 in all but name?
    Early days but feels like three classes. Chunky, svelte and in the middle. I've only unlock 8 or so characters though.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 11 Jan 2013 22:23:58 29,964 posts
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    This is one clunky fighter.
  • King_Edward 11 Jan 2013 23:09:14 11,471 posts
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    StarchildHypocrethes wrote:
    This is one clunky fighter.
    I am wondering if the Godhand comparisons aren't people clutching at straws. Godhand took some getting used to, but it was at all times greatly responsive.
  • SomaticSense 11 Jan 2013 23:19:54 14,601 posts
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    It seems fairly responsive on my end, although I'm not playing online.

    I do really wish the camera was a lot more sensitive though. I feel I'm having to rely on the lock-on far more than I should just to keep track of what's going on. Maybe that's partly to blame for some of the perception of clunkiness.

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  • Syrette 11 Jan 2013 23:31:02 48,475 posts
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    Watched a bit of Mr Tom's stream. Thought it looked pretty uninspired. Looked like he was having fun, but in ways I've seen plenty of times before.
  • SomaticSense 11 Jan 2013 23:35:50 14,601 posts
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    You could've said that about Vanquish as well. There's something undefinable about how much fun I'm finding it.
  • King_Edward 11 Jan 2013 23:39:12 11,471 posts
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    I think it's just being unable to cancel out of attacks with a dodge. Makes it feel stiff.
  • Trafford 12 Jan 2013 00:52:05 7,831 posts
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    I'm finding it clunky but fun. SP seems decent with some Jap visual flair.

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  • Deleted user 12 January 2013 01:13:21
    King_Edward wrote:
    I think it's just being unable to cancel out of attacks with a dodge. Makes it feel stiff.
    Thats whats doing it for me as well. After spending some time with the Ascension Beta the combat here especially the dodge mechanic feels very unresponsive. Just wish dodges were smoother.

    Class variety is another disappointment but the ridiculous soundtrack gives me a few chuckles. As for the multiplayer I was dominated by lvl 50 japanese players who juggled me most of the time.

    The bad out weighs the good for me but I'll play through more of the single/multi player before making a concrete decision to get rid of it. Shame really as I like the character designs and overall craziness of it...
  • Deleted user 12 January 2013 13:26:18
    Going to give this a punt despite the criticisms. I really loved Powerstone so that's weighing heavy on my decision.
  • MatMan562 12 Jan 2013 14:36:34 3,357 posts
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    Just managed to get into a Battle Royale game with 14 players. It was awesome! I even won one when it was 12 players and went into overtime. I was 4th before overtime but had rampage to use.

    If we could get 16 players together, an EG game would be great fun!
  • Jyan91 12 Jan 2013 15:20:00 17 posts
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    have you guys tried deathball yet?

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  • Deleted user 12 January 2013 15:56:46
    Right, had a quick half hour blast and so far it's immense fun. Can't way to try multiplayer.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 12 Jan 2013 16:13:04 46,441 posts
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    Games tonight folks? 360 that is.
  • Jyan91 12 Jan 2013 16:28:12 17 posts
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    @MrTomFTW sure, what game mode?
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 12 Jan 2013 17:25:26 46,441 posts
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    One where you batter each other.
  • neems 12 Jan 2013 17:27:59 3,244 posts
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    Wasn't sure what to make of this at first, but once it gets a bit hectic it can be pretty fun.

    I've played a few games online - got stomped in a 2v2 match, although it was pretty entertaining, and had a very enjoyable time with the survival mode - basically a 3 player horde mode.

    Some of the other modes look good as well - just remember to filter for European games.
  • Deleted user 12 January 2013 17:31:41
    Yeah, I'd be up for games tonight.
  • Darth_Flibble 12 Jan 2013 18:15:24 2,647 posts
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    really didn't have much fun with single player on normal, as others have said it was clunky and some of the damage you take its way too much for normal. Easy was too easy

    Its moronic that dodge is not on 1 button as RB and RT are the same thing.
  • Deleted user 12 January 2013 18:43:52
    The dodge doesn't bother me but I would have liked to have the lock on as RB instead of LB.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 12 Jan 2013 20:14:51 46,441 posts
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    Something something streaming live something

    Like, Right now!
  • oldskooldeano 12 Jan 2013 22:56:13 2,731 posts
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    Tried to watch your feed but you hadn't started then or something. Played the game myself instead. It's Madworld in colour with the acting and dialogue of Vanquish it would seem. Mindless fun so far.
  • Deleted user 13 January 2013 13:39:38

    Regarding the "all characters play the exact same", well, that's the impression the game gives in the beginning - something which is far from the truth...

    Basically, you have 3 sets of characters :
    A) Lightweight B) Middleweight and C) Heavyweight

    Lightweight (Sasha, Rin Sisters etc) move around quicker and (usually) are the ones with the longest combo strings.

    Middleweight ones (Max, Leo, Nikolai etc) aren't as quick/fast as the lightweight ones (obviously) but deal more damage than them.

    Heavyweight characters (Big bull, Douglas etc) are slow as molasses, have short combo-strings BUT, they compensate with a couple of things :
    First, they can charge-grab and DUAL-grab.
    Second, they have larger area of effect specials (or at least, it seems so).
    Also, some of their moves have shield properties, meaning, when moving full tilt, weak attacks from other players don't stop/faze you.

    Always regarding what you said duck about the "samey gameplay" of the characters,button presses and the various effects of them differ from player to player - even for the same-category ones, for example :
    Jack and Leo are both middleweight ones,the light->light-> DELAY -> light -> strong combo string are vastly different for both of them though, Jack's one will make him sway behind his opponent while Leo's one will juggle the opponent up in the air so that you can continue with another combo of your choice.
    Same thing applies for all characters, you just have to try 'em all out in the training room to seem what i'm talking about :)

    Anyway lads, regarding the game : Got this a couple of weeks ago (dat broken street-date) and for what it is and for its price-tag it's pretty
    good and imo worth it.
    I found the single player campaign to be meaty (again, for what it is/does) with lots of replay value with nicely directed cutscenes etc, the game is basically the equivalent of a stress-ball, if you like old-school beat 'em ups (or even D.W games) this will be right up your alley, if not, well...

    Now, seeing as this is multi-player focused, well, here's the thing : it's really hit and miss...
    MP gaming is always lag-depended (duh) but the bullshit that goes on in this game is - many times - rage inducing...
    Grabs from across half-screen, animation/hit-stun delay and general ass-pull-ery...
    Things of course improve once you set up a lobby with other Euros (press the right analogue stick to see the ping-meters/connection bars), still, host advantage is still there, counter-grabbing becomes almost impossible, same thing applies for the head-to-head rampage duels.
    There are perks that you can equip to help you with those but not all game modes support them, so...

    Another major frustration is the friggin' quick time video events that break up the goddamned action all the friggin' time (during which your attacks pass right through your opponent), the heavy slowdown during hectic scenes, the lock-on system which can go crazy while trying to select/mark specific opponents, the inability to switch sides while in a lobby, the inability of starting the game with a couple of bots (so that you don't have to sit 5 mins every time in the lobby waiting for all the player slots to fill-up), general quality of the netcode and so on so forth...

    I'll put it this way : I like Platinum games (have all of them basically) and while i do enjoy Anarchy reigns, it feels half-baked in some respects and kind of "janky".The online especially is not this "gift from God" and sublime experience that many try to pass up as.

    Still, for 20 quid/30 euros i think that's more than OK and that there's much fun to be had when playing with people you know (with good connections).

    Just my 2 cents for those still on the fence :)

    Cheers and sorry for the wall of text.

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  • Dave_McCoy 13 Jan 2013 13:47:07 3,080 posts
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    Tempted to rent this rather than buying straight off. Trouble is, I can't even find it to buy....never mind rent.

    Does sound an interesting concept though and it'd be good to give it a try.
  • Deleted user 13 January 2013 14:47:14
    Sadly I much prefer the singleplayer to the multiplayer for most of the reasons the above comprehensive critque suggests.

    Just had a few games online and I found it to be a bewildering mess. The sp feels like training for mp so it's a crying shame that that seems the broken element.

    It's a great concept.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 13 Jan 2013 16:31:40 46,441 posts
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    Heh, just platinum the events and you'll get enough points to unlock the next event without any replays.
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