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  • mal 30 Sep 2010 23:01:26 28,837 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    As in I've only gone and bought one. What now? In my quest to try everything edible once I've finally gone and bought something I've no idea how to cook.

    From a quick google I understand that you're meant to salt them for 15 minutes then rinse the salt off before cooking to remove the bitterness - won't the salt just run off the sides? Do you have to wet it first? Can you wet an aubergine?

    Then what? I understand you can fry it or roast it. Is there anything you can do with that doesn't involve lashings of oil, or is copious amounts of oil kind of the point of it? I find most vegetables steam well. Can I steam it?

    Or should I go out and buy some more ingredients and make a cheesy roast vegetables type affair or rattatouille or something like the internet tells me I should?
  • BravoGolf Moderator 30 Sep 2010 23:02:37 12,771 posts
    Seen 12 hours ago
    Registered 15 years ago
    Fry it, very little oil, touch of butter instead and some garlic, chopped.
  • PazJohnMitch 30 Sep 2010 23:05:50 13,146 posts
    Seen 26 minutes ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    Aubergines are my favourite vegetables. (Got a taste for them in China). Sadly I have no idea how to cook them myself. Good luck I have heard they are a bit of a pain to cook. (I think they go mushy if you try and steam them.)
  • PatrickEwing 30 Sep 2010 23:06:21 2,341 posts
    Seen 41 minutes ago
    Registered 12 years ago
  • heyyo 30 Sep 2010 23:08:13 14,356 posts
    Seen 3 days ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    Gordan Ramsey wrote:
    Fry it, very little oil, touch of butter instead and some garlic, chopped.

    Aubergine, DONE.
  • BinaryBob101 30 Sep 2010 23:13:21 26,502 posts
    Seen 5 minutes ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Like Patrick says Moussaka is a a great recipe. Also, Parmagian. Fry 'em off in a touch of olive oil until golden brown, then layer with decent homemade tomato sauce and top with mozarella and parmesan. Bake for about 30 minutes on gas mark 5. Awesome with a bit of crusty bread.

    Also add them later with roast vegetables, peppers, red onion and spuds for toothsome Mediterranean roast veg.

    Add then for the last half hour into a lamb curry. Delicious.

    Another one is poor man's caviar. Roast them whole for about 40-50 minutes on gas mark 5, scoop out the inside and mix with some garlic and olive oil, salt and pepper and dip whatever into them for a cool hors'deuvre.

    It's pretty versatile, so ultimately experiment with it and enjoy.
  • HittenMitsurugi 30 Sep 2010 23:19:24 202 posts
    Seen 7 years ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Love them deep fried with tempura batter. Doesn't really fit the not using shedloads of oil brief mind :/
  • angeltreats 30 Sep 2010 23:21:42 2,601 posts
    Seen 1 month ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    If you fancy something different, go to the library and get a book called Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache. The recipes use vegetables instead of fat (or in addition to a small amount of fat), and one of the recipes is a chocolate cake that uses aubergines. Reviews would suggest that it's extremely yummy.

    Otherwise it's nice in ratatouille or veggie lasagne.
  • Deleted user 30 September 2010 23:22:25
    Chop it into small pieces, gently open the bin and carefully slide all the pieces inside. Quickly walk to Mcdonalds and order a quarter pounder. Eat when ready.
  • mal 30 Sep 2010 23:23:04 28,837 posts
    Seen 6 hours ago
    Registered 16 years ago
    Ooh, curry could be a goer. Moussaka is lovely, but sounds like it needs a hell of a lot of prep. Parmagian sounds doable though - I can do a rude tomato sauce. Or I could just fry them like BG says - got everything for that in the fridge already.

    Ooh, and I do like a bit of cake. I'm not much of a baker though TBH.

    Cheers for the ideas everyone!
  • Lukey__b 1 Oct 2010 02:04:40 3,716 posts
    Seen 5 years ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Aubergine curry is very good.

    If you frt rhem, don't add cold oil to a pan of already cooking aubergine. The auergine will soak up any cold oil and it will be greasier than it otherwise would be.
  • SirDespard 1 Oct 2010 07:44:19 202 posts
    Seen 5 days ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    You normally don't need to salt them these days, the varieties we get in supermarkets here taste fine without it.
  • boo 1 Oct 2010 11:04:46 13,405 posts
    Seen 2 hours ago
    Registered 14 years ago
    But if you were to salt it, they don't mean 'pour salt over the whole aubergine', because it would, as you deduced, slide off. You peel it first, then slice or dice it and salt the flesh, much like you'd do with courgettes.
  • thedaveeyres 1 Oct 2010 11:07:45 13,524 posts
    Seen 10 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    I chop mine, then stick them in a large bowl with a liberal amount of salt and olive oil before chucking them into my pasta sauce. I find that if you don't salt and marinade them a bit, they suck up all the sauce when added.
  • RetardStrong 1 Oct 2010 13:06:26 3,229 posts
    Seen 3 years ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    Chop them in rough chunks, along with potato, carrot, red onion ( can also use things like squash or sweet potato). Put in a large bowl, mix them together with salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary. Drizzle some oil over it and pop in the oven for about an hour at 200°C
  • phAge 1 Oct 2010 13:09:23 25,272 posts
    Seen 23 minutes ago
    Registered 15 years ago
    PatrickEwing wrote:
    This. Making moussaka only with potatoes is missing the point by several lightyears. Just make sure you salt and wash it after slicing it, and fry it in a healthy dollop of olive oil before layering the actual moussaka and sticking it in the oven. Effin lovely t'is.
  • THFourteen 1 Oct 2010 13:29:22 46,920 posts
    Seen 1 minute ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    my mummy makes an AWESOME aubergine curry in a peanut sauce.

    think it might be this
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