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  • caligari 2 Dec 2013 11:28:53 17,235 posts
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    Err - I'm currently playing through the GOTY version of Arkham City on my PC (in the hope that the newer GFWL-less version will not corrupt my save).

    I can see that Harley Quinn's Revenge is available from the menu - but I'm pretty sure that the game itself is the vanilla version - even though my Steam library states otherwise.

    I'm pretty sure that I remember the 360 GOTY version starting with you taking control of Cat Woman, right? This definitely wasn't the case with my PC play-through.

    Are there major differences between the PC and console versions?
  • Widge Moderator 6 Apr 2014 09:15:28 13,830 posts
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    Just booted this up to play. Forget just how striking the Batman games look.
  • Kostabi 6 Apr 2014 10:05:08 5,510 posts
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    If I remember right everyone with Batman games got upgraded to the GOTY on Steam when they patched out GFWL. The downside is that it's a separate install. There is a way to transfer your save across I just can't remember how, sorry.
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