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  • Deleted user 17 April 2014 21:13:43
    I neither loved nor hated it after stopping thinking of it as a Hitman game, rather a different game altogether, some ropey sneaking, a few decent levels and quite a few crap ones.

    The save corrupting bug is total bullshit, it's happened at least four times to me, I do revisit some of the decent levels, and every now and then it has just vanished.

    /starts Blood Money
  • daz_john_smith 17 Apr 2014 21:21:30 1,636 posts
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    huh_what wrote:
    daz_john_smith wrote:
    Wow, this game is the hottest garbage.
    It's awful anyway so i wouldn't worry too much.
    I know. I'd already finished it, but was trying to mop up achievements.

    It's laughable in places. In the orphanage where all the residents have been slaughtered, there's blood everywhere, all over the floors and walls. So I kill a guy with a sharp weapon causing a blood pool, then hide the body. Another enemy walks by, sees this particular blood pool amongst all the other blood and like Dexter knows this particular spot of blood is different and from one of his buddies setting the alarm off.

    I also found it amusing that when Agent 47 has the option of changing into a full body scientist consume with goggles and face mask to completely hide his face, he decides to leave the mask hanging around his neck. Doesn't want to make it too easy for himself I guess... Idiot!
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