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  • Mr_Sleep 9 May 2013 18:12:27 18,037 posts
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    In my experience it's always anti-alaising and shadows that kill things, so perhaps try turning shadows down to the lowest setting and see if that helps. There are a lot of shadows in TW.

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  • Mr-Brett 9 May 2013 18:32:06 13,261 posts
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    It shouldn't be running that slow on your system, sounds like it's something specific to your computer, graphics drivers is always the obvious one.

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  • Rhaegyr 9 May 2013 18:48:13 3,173 posts
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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    I tried Sleep's idea first but I didn't notice a discernible change. As I stated earlier, I've tried the game with everything set to lowest/off but it still runs poorly with unit/battle size not seeming to be much of a factor.

    I'm using the 314.22 WHQL drivers (installed them with Infinite) so I think I'm up to date here.

    It's a shame really - I got into the Total War series with the original Shogun and loved it. I decided to wait for Shogun 2 before trying my next game in the series (a long wait, but these games are BIG) and I've been quite excited to get head first into a campaign.

    Honestly been trying a couple of months now to get this running smoothly (via Steam) but to no avail. The only thing I can think that's holding me back is the CPU, otherwise I'm stumped!

    I just want to play it :( Starcraft and Civ don't scratch the same itch.

    Thanks again

    Edit - It's probably worth adding that I only have Steam running in the background when trying to run this (along with SpeedFan). All PC temps are fine and the GFX Card runs at about 50-55 degrees max.

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