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  • Freek 16 Feb 2010 19:54:01 7,684 posts
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    smoothpete wrote:
    MiniAmin wrote:
    "The Rookie" in Halo ODST is a terrific example of a boring, characterless protagonist.
    That was the point wasn't it? It's supposed to be, y'know, you.

    The more the characters around you talk the less it works. Everything is presented realisticly except for the deaf mute that's supposed to be "you".
    Otherwise known as "Gordon Freeman syndrome".
  • Hantheman 17 Feb 2010 09:18:25 540 posts
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    Health regen. I want health packs. Put a bit of panic into the fights, rather than "I've been shot, I'll hide whilst the AI (or American) is too thick to hide me and magically heal!"
  • CosmicFuzz 17 Feb 2010 09:42:32 25,578 posts
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    Chopsen wrote:
    Good vs evil choices in games boiling down to where a pointer lands on a slider next to a picture of your character and maybe which of choice of endings you get.

    Yeah this, I wish it would be more sutble sometimes, and not have "+2" popping up when you do something nice etc. Have more of a morally grey area as well.

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  • jonsaan 17 Feb 2010 10:09:05 25,440 posts
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    3D. FMV. Motion Control. Stealth.


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