Space: 1999 game. For the Oric

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  • Retroid Moderator 18 Jan 2010 19:51:36 45,444 posts
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    Bless it.
    Space 1999 is the game you have been waiting for !

    Featuring real time isometric 3D (for the first time ever on an Oric), high definition soundtrack and sound effects, full length intro sequence, and advanced gameplay. Space 1999 allows you to control your favourite characters from the tv hit series in an exclusive and original adventure.
    [link=">Video of the intro, and here's
  • Whizzo 18 Jan 2010 20:08:36 44,763 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 16 years ago
    The Atmos did look pretty nice but the original's hard keys were worse then the Speccy's rubbery ones in my opinion, not that I knew too many people who actually had one of course just the one friend was unlucky enough to be saddled with it! :-)

    The game looks pretty decent, just a pity it didn't come out in the 80s!

    Oh and on the Spectrum.
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