Silent Hill Composer ‘Akira Yamaoka’ Quits Konami

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  • Deleted user 11 December 2009 20:33:34
    Silent Hill Composer ‘Akira Yamaoka’ Quits Konami

    Just a few weeks ago, Akira Yamaoka flew to Los Angeles to visit his friends and Silent Hill collaborators. It was at that time that he announced he would be leaving Konami. Among those present at this bittersweet dinner outing were writer/producer/singer Joe Romersa and singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn; the three of which began working together for Silent Hill 3.

    Yamaoka began working at Konami in 1993 to work on the game Sparkster – Rocket Adventures. When Konami began work on Silent Hill, Yamaoka volunteered to write the soundtrack. Utterly inspired by the world Konami was creating, Akira felt that he was the only one who could take on such a task. He had attended the Tokyo Art College, where he studied product and interior design. The young artist also had a deep-seeded love for music; inspired by such bands as Depeche Mode and Metallica, but took up piano to “impress the ladies.”

    Yamaoka himself has stated that only he could create the sounds and music that is Silent Hill. If that is the case, how could he abandon it?

    Internet rumours state that Yamaoka resigned from Konami rather than transfer and ultimately move from his Tokyo home. An official statement has not been released from Konami, but I caught up with Joe Romersa to confirm what I didn’t want to know.

    “Sad, but true.” Joe emailed me this afternoon. He relayed the dinner meeting, which turned out to be a bit of a Silent Hill reunion. “But check this out,” he went on to say, “When we got up to have a smoke outside, there was a blond sitting at the sushi bar. When we came back in, Mary (Elizabeth McGlynn) noticed that blond was Radha Mitchell, I said no way! Sure enough, I went back to where she was sitting and told her we were in the back having dinner. Small world.” Joe didn’t know what was next for Akira, but apparently neither did he that night. The friends laughed, took pictures and filmed light-hearted videos of funny faces and hugs.

    Silent Hill 2 The Making of..

    If you own Silent Hill 2 - Playstation 2 you would have seen The Making of..
    already. As great, and ground breaking as Silent Hill PSone was, there’s something about Silent Hill 2 that makes it really special. Its like Team Silent set out to push their own limits, and the limits of the Playstation 2 to the max. Silent Hill 3 is great also, although there was a sense the cracks were beginning to appear. With the arrival of Silent Hill 4: The Room, the series was over but over.
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