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  • nickthegun 14 Nov 2012 10:47:10 72,386 posts
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    kalel wrote:
    Yeah, I've only skimmed it so far, but it's interesting as a counter-point to Prometheus, in that this painstakingly explains everything. Lindelof's task was obviously to tone all that done, but he just got a bit slash happy I reckon.
    I only read a few pages but, immediately, they cut something which then created a fundamental plot hole: the scarab biting the cave woman.

    Once you take that out, everything on earth has the engineers DNA.
  • Deleted user 14 November 2012 10:57:26
    I've read most of the script now and I have to say, it's dissapointing that Scott didn't keep the faith with it a bit more. OK, it's a bit cheesy in places, but plot wise it holds together far better, and the links to Alien are much more satisfying.

    Yes, it's an Alien film, but realistically so is Prometheus. If he didn't want to make an Alien prequel, then there was that option, but the links were never severed, just weakened, and that doesn't really achieve anything.

    For example, in this script, the planet IS LV-426. And of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? Why change that? What have you achieved by changing that?

    Again, the only explanation really is that he didn't want to blow his load with one film and there's more story left to fill ni the gaps, and fine, but still, Lindelof has simply turned a cohesive script into a confusing one. A strange thing to do.
  • Deleted user 14 November 2012 11:00:27
    Where can one read the script?
  • Deleted user 14 November 2012 11:02:28
    In the link I provided.
  • Deleted user 14 November 2012 11:04:36
    kalel wrote:
    Full script for the original Alien Prequel leaked and downloadable.
    Thank you.
  • Deleted user 14 November 2012 11:07:22
    To be fair it's also quite a bit siller in terms of the action that Lindelof's version. It wouldn't have been a serious brooding sci-fi epic of the type Scott wanted to make. It would have been a bit more Phantom Menace.

    Still. There's a middle ground somehwere.
  • AcidSnake 14 Nov 2012 11:28:10 7,892 posts
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    Still to read the script, looking forward to it...

    If they'd used LV-426 it stands to reason that they'd put a big red marker on it with "don't terraform this place" after Prometheus disappeared though?
  • Deleted user 15 November 2012 01:06:18
    kalel wrote:
    I've read most of the script now and I have to say, it's dissapointing that Scott didn't keep the faith with it a bit more. OK, it's a bit cheesy in places, but plot wise it holds together far better, and the links to Alien are much more satisfying.

    Yes, it's an Alien film, but realistically so is Prometheus. If he didn't want to make an Alien prequel, then there was that option, but the links were never severed, just weakened, and that doesn't really achieve anything.

    For example, in this script, the planet IS LV-426. And of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? Why change that? What have you achieved by changing that?
    Totally agree with this. Why did they pretend that Prometheus isn't an Alien film, only to indulge in an orgy of Alien stuff at the end? It's even worse for the audience unfamiliar with the Alien films. They certainly won't be back for the next part.

    The script has now gone so I didn't get to read it all, but I got far enough to see it drops into the usual Alien theme of picking people off in different ways. In spite of that, at least it makes sense.

    David is a bit less interesting but its behaviour also makes a whole lot more sense - being able to see things we cannot for instance, which explains a lot of the things it subsequently does, whereas the film bollocks about studying 100s of ancient languages really doesn't. Nor did it's ability to shoot a basket while riding a bike. Did they anticipate Alien fans cooing over David and saying 'he's the best thing about the film' (as many did!)

    The scarab beetle thing is also less interesting but makes more sense.

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  • oceanmotion 15 Nov 2012 01:29:19 17,277 posts
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    Summary if you don't fancy reading the script.

    Spoilers, obviously for both PROMETHEUS and this screenplay:

    There's no black goo. The initial transformation is done by a black cake that transforms into thousands of tiny black scarabs that bite the Engineer, consuming its DNA. Once the Engineer is completely consumed, the scarabs scatter and fly away. one lands on a primitive woman, and bites her. Her DNA begins to shift.

    Shaw is named Watts. the Prometheus is named the Magellan. Holloway is actually a character. Their discovery is made underwater, looking at an Obelisk with Engineer glyphs. Research leads to them discovering the star map, as opposed to lining up a bunch of different pictures of five dots in a row.

    They approach Weyland with their research to pitch him on paying for the expedition. Weyland never leaves Earth, and does not join their expedition. Vickers is not his daughter. He agrees to fund their expedition on the stipulation that if they find any technology there, Vickers takes over their operation and all technology belongs to him.

    The expedition is to Zeta 2 Reticuli. The moon they land on is LV-426. The people who signed on signed on with no idea what they're exploring, but they signed on for Triple Pay.

    David isn't altogether human looking - he's an early android model, and he has a very definite disdain for human-kind. He is programmed to follow orders until alien technology is found, and then he's programmed to get rid of Watts and Holloway as a means to protect the technological information Weyland is procuring.

    Weyland doesn't want to know how to live forever. Weyland agrees to the expedition because he's been spending trillions trying to terraform Mars and it's not working right, and he believes he can reverse engineer the terraforming pyramids on LV-426. It is explained that the pyramids on Earth are likely human kinds attempt to replicate the Engineer pyramids. The "Jesus was an engineer" theory is brought up, but only as a throwaway joke and never mentioned again.

    Fifield & Milburn aren't scared because they found a dead engineer, they're scared because the recording/apparitions are large, and loud, and screaming in a very deep voice. Fifield wants to bug out, Holloway tells him he's gonna have to walk if he wants to bug out because he's not lending them one of the vehicles they drove out there with. (said vehicle is what David uses to open the door, as opposed to pulling a ladder out of his ass as in the movie)

    Fifield & Milburn get lost because they forgot to bring a map-reading module with them, and communications are cut off once the silica storm blows in. The Engineers aren't just dead - they've been murdered. some slashed - some chestburst.

    Holloway is not sad that the engineers are dead, nor is Watts a practicing Christian. They're both happy that they've made the most significant scientific discovery of mankind's history, at which point Janek toasts Fifield & Milburn to becoming the first humans to freak out, get lost and sleep in their suits on alien ruins.

    Milburn is still attacked by the Hammerpede, but it doesn't break his arm to get in the suit, it just bleeds on the suit and crawls in through the hole. Fifield runs away, and is attacked by scarabs, who eat through the visor on his suit and start biting him, transferring xenomorph DNA into his body. He begins to mutate.

    David and Vickers initiate their takeover of the mission once technology is discovered. Holloway and Watts are led to the discovery at gunpoint by armed Weyland mercenaries. Watts accidentally falls down a shaft after another Recording/Apparition startles him. He falls into an egg chamber (there are no pedestals in this version, only eggs) and a soft, squidlike facehugger oozes onto his helmet, eats through it, and impregnates him. He comes to shortly afterwards and wanders into the map room/pilot room.

    Watts/David find him, bring him back to the ship. Holloway tells Watts he can figure out how to get back to the Engineers home world, as this is just a way-station, not their home planet. He tells her to keep the pilot room secret from the Weyland people. In celebration of this new secret, they have sex. In the middle of sex, an alien bursts out of his chest. It tries to attack Watts. She locks herself in a closet. The chestburster flattens, and begins to ooze/squeeze through the cracks in the door. Weyland employees hear her screaming, the chestburster escapes through a vent.

    They go back out to raid more technology, while Janek & his crew want to find Fifield & Milburn. Watts uses the data from Holloway's suit to find the map room/pilot room. David intercepts her, and leads her to a different egg chamber. This chamber is filled with regular xenomorph eggs. A face hugger emerges. David plays with it like a pet while explaining that these eggs were designed by the Engineers as a means to wipe out earth, but the engineers on LV-426 did their jobs too well and were murdered by their creation. He then lets the facehugger go, and it impregnates Watts.

    Watts wakes up alone, and wanders back to the ship, sneaking into Vickers room and using her medpod. The medpod scene plays essentially the same, except midway through the cesarean, the chestbuster chews itself out anyway, and escapes through a hatch at the bottom of the medpod. The medpod locks itself down and repairs Vickers over the course of about 3 or 4 hours. She fades in and out of consciousness. The chestburster grows in size. A crewmember enters the room. It kills. It feeds. It grows exponentially, and molts/morphs, shedding skin and growing protrusions. She comes to just as the medpod is about to eject her, while the Alien is still in the room with her. She takes the dead man's gun and shoots the Alien in the head as it lunges for her.

    The other chestburster has also grown, and is essentially boneless, pale, translucent xenomorph variant. It can morph between solid/less solid forms, absorbing bullets and folding itself into tiny spaces. It is white/translucent, with a visible skull underneath it's elongated head.

    David leads them to the ship, wakes up the last Engineer. they have a discussion. Apparently by waking up the Engineer, the stasis it was in will speed up the incubation of the chestburster residing inside it, but before it pops, he'll set that course for Earth after all. It rips David's head off and starts killing people. Fifield ambushes the Weyland employee trying to escort Vickers to safety, rips him up. Jumps on Vickers. The employee lives just long enough to unload his clip into Fifield, who bleeds acid all over Vickers, killing her.

    Pretty much everything from here out plays essentially the same regarding Janek ramming the Alien ship, the ship crashing to LV-426 and rolling after Watts, and settling, except the Magellan can only catch up to it because the chestburster pops through the Engineer piloting the ship before he can leave orbit, causing the ship to momentarily stall out before autopilot takes over.

    When Watts wakes up after the ship settles, she still only has a few minutes to get to Vicker's lifeboat, but it's a giant xenomorph (called an Ultramorph) that is now chasing her, instead of the Engineer. She kills it after an extended chase/hide n seek sorta setpiece.

    It ends with the other pyramids shooting giant beacons of light out of their tops towards outer space as Watts gets drunk and plays chess with David's head in Vicker's quarters, waiting for either Earth or the Engineers to send a ship after them

  • Tomo 15 Nov 2012 01:48:44 15,694 posts
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    Well, shit the bed.

    FWIW, I really enjoyed Prometheus and was prepared to poo-poo the older script, but on the basis of that summary, it sounds really fucking good! Sounds like there was less questionable out-of-character behaviour and it sounds like the final script threw in a few twists for twists-sake. Hell, it had a chest-burster during a sex scene! That sounds horrific, and I like the idea of interference during conception whereas chest-bursting is usually a macabre image of pregnancy. The different forms of xenomorph sound intriguing too, certainly help to convey that the goo/scarabs create a range of beings, not just one type, which is a bit more ambiguous in Prometheus.

    HMM. I'm torn after reading that. Lots of what ifs in my head.

    Certainly feels like Lindelhof did his whole Lost thing of leaving many threads dangling, which I don't mind necessarily. The dreadful characterisation was my main gripe with Prometheus rather than plot.
  • Tomo 15 Nov 2012 02:03:29 15,694 posts
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    God, I can't stop reading about this film.

    Anyway, this is quite a nice summary/discussion of Alien: Engineers:

  • boo 16 Nov 2012 18:27:42 13,406 posts
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    nickthegun (talking about the black goo) wrote:

    If it got into a leopard, it would probably create a creature made of bacon that fired lasers out of its tits and farted napalm.
    Mate, if you're not a scriptwriter, then you've missed your calling in life.
  • Youthist 23 Nov 2012 16:27:29 12,972 posts
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    Might be old. Good though.
  • binky Moderator 18 Dec 2012 08:55:59 10,838 posts
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    Finally got around to watching this last night. I'm going to write this before reading some of your thoughts in this thread (which by the size of it, is going to take me all morning. I do like it when a film can cause such debate...

    Anyway, I liked it. I really liked it and yet it definitely had some glaring issues. Casting and characterisation stood out from the off as having some really naff decisions. Some were great, some wouldn't even get on Emmerdale.

    The pacing seemed really off throughout the entire middle hour. Felt like there were some really important bits left on the cutting room floor.

    Why cast a young man as an old man? Led me to think the whole way through you'd get to see him young, but... we didn't. Really strange decision.

    It looked STUNNING. From the landscape shots to the ships. Loved the way it looked (despite having the issue all these futuristic prequels have of having funkier, sexier tech!). It also sounded fantastic.

    Shaw cutting herself open... ok. Shaw running around like a superhero seconds after... not so 'k (regardless of how many drugs she was on).

    Yet, despite these quirks I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to a repeat viewing.
    Now I'll go read what you lot think :)
  • binky Moderator 18 Dec 2012 10:36:40 10,838 posts
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    Loads of discussion in here. Seems like it split opinion straight down the middle with people that liked it, and those that didn't. A lot of people seem to agree with me that it could have done with an extra half hour of fleshing out some of the scenes.
  • RobAnybody 18 Dec 2012 10:54:08 1,489 posts
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    An extra hour with even more shitty writing, bad plotting and mostly bad acting? Thanks but no thanks .....
  • Deleted user 18 December 2012 11:46:31
    I'm basically with you binky. On balance I like it. It's a bit silly and some stuff doesn't make sense at all, but it's not unwatchably stupid imo and the general look and tension of it makes it enjoyable.
  • nickthegun 18 Dec 2012 12:09:12 72,386 posts
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    The most frustrating thing is that its only very minor elements that need changing to really elevate it. So minor you cant imagine why they didnt do it.

    But, yeah, I rewatched it the other week and was pleased by how it held up on a second watch. Yes, it has its wtf moments, but they dont ruin the movie like they do with batman.
  • Gambit1977 21 Dec 2012 12:36:06 10,396 posts
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    So Lindelof out, and he even has a little dig at the end!

    Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic "Prometheus" proved one of the year's most divisive films, and now the film's scribe Damon Lindelof will not be returning for the proposed sequel.

    Jon Spaihts penned an earlier draft which was a direct "Alien" prequel. When "Lost" show runner Lindelof came onboard, he made major changes which turned it into the standalone "side-quel" the film ended up being. As a result he took much of the blame for the film's flaws.

    Asked by Collider if he's penning a second "Prometheus," Lindelof says:

    "I am not. Ridley [Scott] and I talked at great length during the story process of the first movie about what subsequent movies would be if Prometheus were to be successful. And I think that the movie ended in a very specific way that hinted at, or strongly implied that there were going to be continuing adventures worthy of writing stories.

    What those stories would be would not necessarily usurp or transcend the Alien franchise as we saw it because we know that the Nostromo hasnít come along yet. So the idea was to set up a universe thatÖ Is it a prequel? Okay. If thatís what we want to call it, sure. But the sequel to this movie is not Alien. The sequel to this movie is this other thing.

    The thing about Prometheus was it was a rewrite. Jon Spaihts wrote a script and I rewrote it. And still it was a year of my life that I spent on Prometheus, kind of all in. The idea of building a sequel to itófrom the ground up this timeówith Ridley is tremendously exciting.

    But at the same time, I was like, 'Well thatís probably going to be two years of my life.' I canít do what J.J. [Abrams] does. I donít have the capability. Iím usually very single-minded creatively. I can only be working on one thing at a time. So I said to him, 'I really donít think I could start working on this movie until I do this other stuff. And I donít know when the other stuff is going to be done.'

    And he was like, 'Well, okay, itís not like I asked you anyways.' He and I are on excellent terms and it was a dream come true to work with him. But much to the delight of all the fanboys, I donít see myself being involved in Prometheus-er."
  • oceanmotion 21 Dec 2012 12:51:36 17,277 posts
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    Scott shoulders the blame too, probably even more so by insisting on the changes and signing off on them. Still has an amazing eye for a scene but doesn't make a great film. If they ever manage a sequel you will probably see that Scott remains a major problem with his silly ideas, not Alien but it is, well kinda, but it isn't okay but that thing, yeah. Just let the franchise die. Can't be saved.

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  • WoodenSpoon 21 Dec 2012 18:56:16 12,342 posts
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    There is actually only one Alien movie, and it's called Alien. Even Aliens really cheapens the franchise if you watch it now, it hasn't aged well at all.

    Also why won't someone pay me to spend a solid year pissing all over a hollywood script? I honestly don't see how the changes that were made could have taken more than a couple of nights and a bag of weed.
  • Gambit1977 21 Dec 2012 18:59:35 10,396 posts
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    Jesus O_o
  • WoodenSpoon 21 Dec 2012 19:52:50 12,342 posts
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  • Deleted user 21 December 2012 22:15:18
    WoodenSpoon wrote:
    To provide an AMAZING twist.
  • chopsen 21 Dec 2012 22:17:09 19,986 posts
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    I was too baffled by why he's a young actor being made to look old to have realized that.
  • Deleted user 21 December 2012 22:28:32
    WoodenSpoon wrote:
    He only had days left to live so went into hypersleep until the time he wanted to wake. This meant he would be gone for years. If he wasn't dead there would have been a lot of questions about where he was - given he was a famous person.
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