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  • bottlelord 21 Dec 2010 15:51:35 15 posts
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    oh no! why?
  • bottlelord 21 Dec 2010 15:51:49 15 posts
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    Post deleted
  • TheMightyRose 31 May 2012 17:21:03 190 posts
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    /The Mighty Rose shines his torch on this dusty old thread and using his other hand he wipes away the cobwebs and blows them away as his beautiful busty assistant watches on in awe.

    All right! The Mighty Rose is here.

    For all the people who still play this or are just discovering it on the Vita then know this: There are still people making levels on this.

    Check out my lpb psp levels guys. I have done 17 in total. Here are a few of them:

    MSF: Beach Training, MSF: Field Test, MSF: Survival, MSF: Train Escape, MSF: The Chilean Encounter 1 & 2, MSF: Aid Convoy 1-3.


    Timeless 1-3 (adventure series about a time travelling private detective)
    The Thing (based on my favourite movie!) It even has the heartbeart score!

    The Mighty Rose will be back in the next few weeks to list some of the really good creator levels that are still available to play.
  • TheMightyRose 11 Jun 2012 15:05:09 190 posts
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    The Mighty Rose truly despairs of the lbp psp community at times he really does.

    So Tim Rose (me!) was online checking out new levels from the community when I stumbled upon a level named "looking for a girl freind" (yes spelled like that) and I could not help myself from downloading it. The level consists of a sackboy with some creature eyeballs stuck on it and wearing what is supposed to be a blonde wig but is simply a yellow triangle.

    The level made by someone called penguinmafia2 also features this unforgettable bit of dialogue:

    "I'm looking for a senetive girl one with blondy long hair cut add me on ps3 ill see you later"

    That is it. That is the level!

    Of course I could not resist making a fun level in response in which I put blonde wigs on a series of my level characters such as Chockies the Cat, Camp Croc, Steve Guttenberg and Mark Wahlberg etc and turned it into a blind date style level. Amazingly people are hearting it! Not only that but the original level creator made a follow up level where he said he was delighted that he got a reply!

    I have published another level in my time travel adventure series called Timeless (part4) but I really am getting fed up with the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to create anything worthwhile on lbp psp. Lbp Vita really can not come out soon enough for me.

    Anyway, here is a list of some great lbp psp levels, which will sadly be lost, when lbp vita comes out and the psp community moon is eventually retired.

    Curses! by Salieri
    Crisis in Camelot by Salieri
    Sprocket Town by Salieri
    Now and Then by Amazing Flying Poo (crap name, great creator)
    Shallow Springs by Amazing Flying Poo
    Mai Mai's Minecart Madness by Infernal_Machine
    Icicle Mountain by YellowHawk13
    Zen by Jeff (something or other. I have forgotten his name.)

    A short list but these are all classic levels and are worth seeking out.


    All right check it out guys! As promised here is the exclusive track listings for the soundtrack to the upcoming Mighty Rose movie! I have put spoiler tags on some of the song titles as they do actually reveal some of the,soon to be released, plot of the movie. Enjoy!

    1. The Mighty Rose main theme by Craig Mansell (6.07)
    2. Mr & Mrs Rose did good! (3.40)
    3. Yo teach! Chillax bro. (4.00)
    4. A legend even at that young age (3.52)
    5. The bullies and the babes (2.58)
    6. A city ruled by fear (2.34)
    7. In the grip of the Nefarious Nine (4.50)
    8. Tim Rose to the occasion (2.30)
    9. Introduced to a beautiful babe (2.50)
    10. The ego takes hold (1.57)
    11. The Nefarious Nine plan their revenge (2.34)
    12. Where does he get those wonderful underpants? (5.57)
    13. Contract on The Mighty Rose (4.21)
    14. Betrayal by a beautiful babe (3.48)
    15. The Mighty Rose no more? (1.57)
    16. How quickly the people forget an absolute legend (3.27)
    17. Crisis of conscious (1.24)
    18. What would Steve Guttenberg do? (8.34)
    19. Return of The Mighty Rose (5.00)
    20. The Mighty Rose vs The Nefarious Nine (2.45)
    21. The beautiful babe makes the ultimate sacrifice (2.50)
    22. Peace and kindness is the way bro (4.52)
    23. Why do the babes love him so? (Love theme) (3.50)
    Performed by Taylor Swift

    Bonus tracks

    24. The Mighty Rose main theme (Extended version)* (6.08)
    25. The Mighty Rose (Dance Mix) by DJ Nastyboy (5.20)
    26. The ego takes hold (alternate version)* (2.30)
    27. Return of The Mighty Rose (alternate version)* (2.50)

    *Not actually included in the movie.
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