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  • warlockuk 3 Jun 2013 09:40:04 19,103 posts
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    Yeah, it picks up a bit. You combine one or two vigors for some pretty sweet combos; one or two are a bit overpowered and you do end up relying on them a lot - I ended up using the Crows quite a lot.

    I'm a grumpy bastard.

  • Wolves1877 3 Jun 2013 17:31:18 383 posts
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    Registered 11 months ago
    Gone back to Lego City Undercover (WiiU) Great fun.

  • hypoBla5t 4 Jun 2013 17:24:37 1,273 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
  • King_Edward 4 Jun 2013 17:26:17 11,454 posts
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    MGS: Peace Walker.

    While still really enjoying it, I have to say I don't think MGS scales down particularly well.
  • hypoBla5t 4 Jun 2013 17:27:37 1,273 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Shadow of the Colossus HD

    Just finished ICO, which I absolutely loved, but man, I can't get into this at all. Not loving the controls and I'm generally finding it quite frustrating. 2 Colossi down but it's hard for me to want to carry on at the moment. Will sleep on it I think.
  • Nitrous 4 Jun 2013 19:33:56 245 posts
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    Metro 2033 (Xbox360)

    Not played very much of it so far, cost me 7 so if I enjoy this ill probably get Metro LL at some point in the future.
  • RyanDS 4 Jun 2013 19:37:53 8,706 posts
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    Too many games!!!!

    Vita: Fifa 13,
    Everybodies Golf,
    Sine Mora

    PS3: Catherine,
    Shadow of the Colossus,
    Black Ops 2

    iPad: Kotor,
    Phoenix Wright

    3DS: Luigis Mansion (Frustrating, I hate dying and having to start over!)
    Monster Hunter
    Fire Emblem
    Donkey Kong Country
  • Deleted user 6 June 2013 11:14:59

    Seems good so far, on the second asssasination and it has loads of atmosphere. I think I will enjoy it.

    Graphics are quite poor though.
  • DrStrangelove 6 Jun 2013 18:45:37 2,566 posts
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    Kingdoms of Amalur, via PS+.

    It's not bad actually, but it's also not good. Should in principle be a great game, but somehow it's very forgettable and meh. Doesn't catch me at all for reasons I don't yet understand.
  • Rhaegyr 6 Jun 2013 22:05:46 1,124 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    The Longest Journey.

    Really starting to get interesting now and the characterisation is brilliant - shame the characters look absolutely naff now compared to the gorgeous backgrounds. Hope it's quite a long game!
  • Madder-Max 6 Jun 2013 22:22:37 11,574 posts
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    Still san andreas bitches with ma OG's. This game really has some of the most memeorable missions in gaming. Slaughtering a construction crew and then burying the foreman alive in concrete for wolf whistling at CJ's sister ffs! Brilliantly ott. Just got into las venturas working on the heist.

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    99 problems and being ginger is one

  • Gunzberg 6 Jun 2013 22:27:27 936 posts
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    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    It's rather good. Looks like a decent length for my 10 euros too!

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  • Vortex808 8 Jun 2013 09:38:57 6,573 posts
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    All this talk of Battlefield 1943 being broken and now fixed on the front page this last couple of days is making me want to play it again.

    I was going to play some metro last light tonight, but think some BF1943 is in order instead.
  • Armoured_Bear 8 Jun 2013 09:44:03 8,782 posts
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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    Dark Souls (PC) - Early on, at Firelink Shrine, anjoying it but the difficulty is tough
    Ni no Kuni (PS3) - Only 2 hours in but adore it so far, amazingly charming and amazing production values.
    Bioshock Inifinite (PC) - Struggling with Motion SIckness and SHootyshooty but loving the world and Lizzie
    Mirror's Edge (PC) - I never finished it on PS3 and it looks amazing on PC, a shame not to try again.
    NSMB Wii U (Wii U) - Dipping in and out and really enjoying it.
    Officially still this, in reality Dark Souls Dark Souls and mroe Dark SOuls.

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  • Deleted user 8 June 2013 10:48:30
    Far Cry 3

    Still trying to get into this proper. Only played it for 4 odd half bursts. :(

    Like the oh.. i could do with a bigger wallet so lets hunt some animals sort of thing, i managed to take down a outpost entirely with takedowns which was pretty nice. Although the game world looks aces, and is full of stuff, it just feels a bit empty at the moment.

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  • jellyhead 8 Jun 2013 12:23:37 24,350 posts
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    Been working through my backlog of games and doing quite well. I've just now finished Risen 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it same with Blood Dragon and i'm going to start Remember Me this afternoon.

    This signature intentionally left blank.

  • brseg 8 Jun 2013 12:35:10 679 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    State of Decay. I have no idea what I am doing, except the 'beating people round the head' bit.
    (a bit reluctant to read/watch everything about it, some of the idea must be discovery).
  • DrStrangelove 10 Jun 2013 14:55:29 2,566 posts
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    Picked up Civ 5 on Steam during the free weekend/75% sale.

    Quite like it, much better than Civ 4 for me so far. Not least because you can zoom out properly again.

    I also like the move to hex fields, and the inability to stack troops makes combat much more interesting imo. Feels more like an actual strategy game now.

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  • DrStrangelove 15 Jun 2013 22:25:48 2,566 posts
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    Approaching completion of Pixeljunk Eden again. And then I'll have to finish Eden Encore. What a gem this game.
  • Sir_Brightington_III 15 Jun 2013 22:45:29 4 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    Prince of Persia 2008 - I'm enjoying it immensely. Beautiful art style, the platforming has a real flow to it despite seeming sluggish at first, and the characters are fleshed out quite well, despite the 'Prince' being a complete dick throughout. The much criticised combat is actually fantastic once you learn to string together a few lengthy combos.

    Ni no Kuni - as a huge fan of both Level5 & Studio Ghibli, I've been anticipating this for years, and while it's undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous games ever made, it's so archaic to play. Drippy doesn't get nearly enough voiced lines either.

    Darksiders - picked it up for 3 on PSN after being kind of ambivalent to it previously. Not much to say, but it's good, solid fun.
  • Ironlungs76 16 Jun 2013 08:07:53 4,930 posts
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    Never played this before but I picked up a copy off GOG for pennies a while back and finally decided to give it a whirl. Searched around and got a few mods to sort out a few of the bugs that apparently plagued the game.

    Only a few hours in but loving it already. Only issue is running out of stamina all the time and having to sink all my cashola into buying replacement potions.

    As with any game of this type I'm sure there are secrets galore hidden away so I'm looking forward to seeking a few of them out :)
  • Gunzberg 16 Jun 2013 10:00:35 936 posts
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    The Strong Bad Series by Telltale

    still working on clearing some backlog before I plunge back into Dragon's Dogma

    Steam/PSN/XBL/Nintendo ID/Uplay/Origin: Gunzberg
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  • Paulie_P 16 Jun 2013 22:15:48 395 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    The Last of Us
    Tomb Raider (Trophy hunting)

    Persona 4
    Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward
    Disgaea 3
    Rayman Origins

    Fire Emblem
    Mega Man 6
  • Wolves1877 16 Jun 2013 22:54:53 383 posts
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    Registered 11 months ago
    Animal Crossing ' New Leaf '

    Since last Friday I have played nothing else.

    Great little game.

  • hypoBla5t 17 Jun 2013 20:17:46 1,273 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Have been hauling arse to clear backlog over the last few weeks (though I seem to have barely dented it despite completing about 10 games :/) so I'm treating myself to 3 tasty open-world little numbers:

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (epic scale strategy awesomeness)
    Divinity II (better than I feared it would be)
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf ('nuff said)

    Started them all within the last week or so, can't get enough at the moment!!
  • FuzzyDuck 17 Jun 2013 20:21:45 3,560 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago

    Have you gone back to SotC? I felt the exact same way you did (with both it and Ico).
  • CosmicFuzz 17 Jun 2013 20:24:29 21,354 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Last of us on PS3, and about to start Virtue's Last Reward on Vita.

    What's your thoughts on Heroes Reborn? Read my TV musings here.

  • mrpon 17 Jun 2013 20:25:37 27,663 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Don't do it.

    Give yourself 5 or gig, you're worth it.

  • Rhaegyr 17 Jun 2013 20:46:27 1,124 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    dsmx wrote:
    warlockuk wrote:
    DarkSpaceDS wrote:
    Half life 2 is one of the most overrated games I've ever played. Its one for the internet nerds.
    In what sense? It had a decent story, was a significant improvement / update on HL1 and was significantly better than anything else out at the time. Considering the technology and everything has come along in leaps and bounds since then it still holds up pretty well, too!
    You know what looking back at what was released back in 2004 when HL2 was released to give a sense of perspective on what else was on the market, fuck me that was a good year for games. For those interested http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_in_video_gaming
    What an amazing year for games - Ninja Gaiden, Half-Life 2, Rome: Total War, MGS3, Pikmin 2 etc. are all classics in my eyes. The only year I can recall being as good is 2001 and its' onslaught of Dreamcast classics - Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia, Project Justice, Tennis 2K2, Bangai-O.

    Anyone have any other good shouts?
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