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  • RobTheBuilder 26 Nov 2012 20:41:24 6,521 posts
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    Just been playing Rival School United by Fate, why on earth did Capcom not make a sequel, great fighter.

    Time to explore my old PSX collection!
  • King_Edward 26 Nov 2012 22:23:22 11,454 posts
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    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    Just been playing Rival School United by Fate, why on earth did Capcom not make a sequel, great fighter.

    Time to explore my old PSX collection!
    The only thing I remember is doing kick ups.
  • hypoBla5t 27 Nov 2012 19:28:09 1,268 posts
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    Juggling Dead Space 2, F1 2012 and Torchlight 2 at the moment, though after a month or so my interest in TL2 is starting to wane slightly.

    Have Hotline Miami and Dishonored waiting in the wings.
  • Nitrous 2 Dec 2012 13:32:03 244 posts
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    Playing AC Revelations (PS3) after completing Brotherhood a few days ago. Its got that more of the same feeling but seeing as Ive started it I feel the need to complete it ASAP!

    I just hope I dont have to take part in another tower defence mission. Why they decided to add this I have no idea!
  • RobTheBuilder 2 Dec 2012 15:18:48 6,521 posts
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    Just started Saints Row The Third. Good fun so far. Doesn't take itself seriously which is good.
  • Deleted user 2 December 2012 21:23:08
    Mario Kart 7 - Mainly online, with the odd bit of single player to wind with. Great fun.
    Blops 2- Online, half and hour here and there.

    Okami HD- Sort of stalled with this a bit, really liking it but other games have taken over. Just un mistified the emperor

    Saints Row 3. Completley put it on the shelf with a few releases this month. Shall pick up and play again soon. Mostly fun.

    Looking at getting a new game, but should really finish Okami and SR3 off first.
  • King_Edward 2 Dec 2012 21:26:43 11,454 posts
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    Hitman Absolution - It's not...right.
  • RobTheBuilder 4 Dec 2012 01:30:44 6,521 posts
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    Saints Row The Third is leaving me pleasantly surprised.

    Lots of fun to actually play, the driving mechanics are great to mess around with, gun fights are actually enjoyable, and it has made me laugh more in two hours than any game I recall in years.

    It may go downhill, but so far this to me is everything I keep hoping GTA will be, but never is on the ones I play.

    Note: I have played all the GTA's except IV.
  • -cerberus- 4 Dec 2012 02:12:30 2,099 posts
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    Plugged in my N64 and fired up Ocarina of Time. Makes me feel all 1998 inside. I can't stop playing.

    "You see it too? For me, it's always like this..."
    (Angela Orosco - Silent Hill 2)

  • Paulie_P 4 Dec 2012 13:40:43 395 posts
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    Playing New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU.

    With NSMBU, it's weird - I know it's better than NSMB2 but I just don't know why. Each level I'm playing and loving it but when I was playing NSMB2, it was like ho hum.

    And ZombiU is fantastic, it's Survival Horror but it doesn't feel the need to gimp your controls. Some of the low scores from the American sites disappoint me as I'm afraid the publishers will look at them and think that they need to turn it into another FPS for future installments.
  • pistol 4 Dec 2012 15:21:11 13,019 posts
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    Don't get much time for gaming these days but recently completed Batman Arkham City of PS3 and currently having a go at Metroid Prime Trilogy and GoldenEye on the Wii.
  • pistol 4 Dec 2012 15:38:57 13,019 posts
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    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    I have never understood the love of Tekken, to be fair I haven't played it in years (I played 1-3 a lot), but it always seemed like an exercise in memorising button combinations rather than real fighting skill.
    Preferred Dead or Alive myself but even that got a bit dull after a while. I had one of the original Jap PS2's and DOA was one of the first games I ever played on it. I think the others were Pro Evo and Ridge Racer.
  • dancingrob 5 Dec 2012 09:59:55 1,132 posts
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    taking a break from my usual 'one main game / one filler game at a time only' so have quite a lot on the go

    Kinect Adventures - I grabbed a Kinect cheaply, mainly for kids games, but have been playing KA as well. It's rubbish

    Puzzle Quest 2 - nothing like as good as PQ1, and without the charm of that game, you're left with a mediocre puzzle game. I'm very glad it's almost over, and certainly won't be touching it again after it's ended

    The Walking Dead - I'd played through the first 3 episodes before a bug caused the deletion of my save game. Restarted from the beginning yesterday, but due to fat fingered-ness kept dying at the first point you can die, and ended up being kicked back 10 minutes to the very start. Will try again tonight.

    Rayman Origins - first platform game I've played for ages, and makes a really nice change of pace from the adventure-y/shooty things I've otherwise been playing this year. I can see why it's so highly rated, but I'm not quite sure whether platformers are my 'thing' any more.

    Forza 2 - fancied a driving game, and I'd never really got very far with this so played some more. It's whetted my appetite for a new driving game really!

    Gears 2 - cleared off all the horde achievements except the last one, and intending to start an insane co-op playthrough shortly

    Once again, I've decided that one main game / one filler certainly works better for me, as when I'm playing this much, I feel I get nowhere with any of it, but nevermind...
  • hypoBla5t 5 Dec 2012 12:52:38 1,268 posts
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    Banged up Hotline Miami for the first time last night. What an intense experience that was. You know those times when a game just pumps you up with energy and excitement? It was one of those moments.

    Must. Have. More.
  • Deleted user 6 December 2012 08:35:58
    Far Cry 3 and Halo 4 are my 'main' games right now (Halo 4 just for multiplayer), but I'm also juggling Dishonored, Lego Batman 2 and Sleeping Dogs.
  • RyanDS 6 Dec 2012 08:56:34 8,702 posts
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    Vita: Super Monkey Ball

    PS3: X-Com - What a game! Just can't stop playing.

    360: Nothing

    Wii-U: Zombi U - Scariest game since the first Silent Hill
    NSMBU: Finished this, but just trying the challenges.
  • StixxUK 6 Dec 2012 09:08:17 7,173 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    I got Deus Ex, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls (although its been long enough since I've played this that its more or less given up on), MGS 3 Vita and Gravity Rush (which love barely started) on the go.

    Must focus!
  • boo 6 Dec 2012 10:25:16 11,604 posts
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    Only just bought my first PS3 (also bought my first 360, but that's my Christmas pressie, so not using that at the mo).

    Have fired up Gran Turismo 5 (looks gorgeous, but from a usability point of view, not a patch on the first couple - the menu/interface is terrible).

    And have downloaded Wipeout HD.

    WooHOO!! I'd forgotten how much I love Wipeout. Awesomesauce!

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  • DSR3 6 Dec 2012 10:44:38 265 posts
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    It imagine that it would be fantastic buying a PS3 for the first time right now.

    So many great games, PS Plus and HD Collections. The best console of the Wii/PS3/360 generation.
  • RedSparrows 6 Dec 2012 11:21:12 20,763 posts
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    de Blob 2. COLOURS, MUSIC, SIMPLICITY. I like it. It even has a bit of platforming, which I miss dearly.
  • Kanjin 6 Dec 2012 11:34:25 961 posts
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    Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC: It really is pretty good.
  • Daddy-Doom-Bar 6 Dec 2012 12:07:48 2,377 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    Just bought my first PS3 after being a 360 man for years.
    Not massively impressed, I'm afraid.
    I like the dashboard...
    Everything takes at least an hour to install/download updates before you can play. Dislike the controller, but that's just cause I'm used to the brilliant 360 one.
    Uncharted - slightly generic Tomb Raider rip off with dodgy animation and random placing of sensing where you can be before you climb shit. Doesn't look as good as I'd expected given all the shouts of "Buy a PS3 for the exclusives!!!" But it is well written and has a certain charm. Not writing it off completely yet. And it was released early in the consoles life, so can't expect too much.
    GT5 - God it's boring. Again, not as good looking as I'd hoped. The interface is just...well, shit. After playing GT2 obsessively for about 6 years non stop (may be a slight exaggeration) I was looking forward to it. But it's lost its charm for me.
    Got Killzone 2 to play. Looking forward to that as it's a game made to push the console. I would be downloading all the PLUS freebies, but:

    Having massive problems with upgrading the 12gb flash to 500gb HDD. The HDD itself seems to be fine, but the PS3 keeps telling me its corrupt after spending an hour waiting for it to install. I did think it was the GT5 info that was corrupting it as after a cursory google, it seems people have had lots of problems with it. But I've tried it with GT5 completely removed with no luck.
    It moves everything to the HDD, then starts to rebuild the OS, then tells me it's corrupt. Either that or it rebuilds, reboots, then tells me it's corrupt and it needs to repair it. Which it can't do for some reason. I then whack it in my PC, reformat and try it over again. No joy.

    Loving PS PLUS, still wondering what the point of PS Home is, loving the Store.

    Overall not impressed and starting to regret selling my Xbox. But I'll give it more time. I think the problems with the HDD (which I think will turn out to be the HDD itself) is putting a downer on things at the moment.

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  • King_Edward 6 Dec 2012 13:02:54 11,454 posts
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    Killzone 2 is unlikely to blow you away with its looks now. It's nearly 4 years old after all. Try Uncharted 3 or God of War 3 if you're after graphical bummery.
  • Daddy-Doom-Bar 6 Dec 2012 13:31:48 2,377 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    Just had a go on Killzone 2 and I am finally impressed. The buttons were all wrong, but then I realised it was just me. After 20 mins or so I got used to the layout. Enjoying it loads.
    I do want to play Uncharted 3, but I thought I'd better start at the beginning. Same with GoW3. I played the first on the PS2.
    I'm not just after graphical prowess, but after all the hype I guess that's what I was expecting.

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world - Ghandi

  • Zizoo 6 Dec 2012 13:37:42 7,713 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Uncharted 2 is the best imo. Play that if you can.
  • Daddy-Doom-Bar 6 Dec 2012 14:58:43 2,377 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    Christ almighty....the HDD seems to be working now...

    Now I've got the space I'm looking through the store. Good god I could spend a flippin fortune on it! All those HD remasters...the FF games...
    I just havent the time or money to play all those!!!!!

    Downloading LBP2.

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world - Ghandi

  • worldalpha 16 Dec 2012 03:25:05 8 posts
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    Registered 2 years ago
    Some Skyrim, GW2, Xcom and of course WorldAlpha!

    Currently working on WorldAlpha

  • Raiko101 16 Dec 2012 04:13:32 5,547 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Still playing Kid Icarus. Hoping to have finished it tomorrow. What an amazing game. The controls aren't great, but you do get used to them. You have to play with your knees up, but it's so worth it. The game is beautiful to watch, amusing to listen to, an absolute pleasure to play and the amount of content on offer is staggering. Game of the year 2012, for me.

    Edit - Only the ending could ruin it for me lol.

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