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  • CharlieStCloud 6 May 2013 07:59:59 5,820 posts
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    I have never, ever been to the cinema on my own!

    ... I just cannot do it.

    Nearly did when I went travelling for a year when I wanted to see Avatar in the world biggest IMAX screen in Melbourne - the girl who was on top of me (in my room) asked what I was up to that day and decided to tag along.

    p.s. Oh, I meant the girl who was on the top of our bunk bed!

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  • heyyo 6 May 2013 08:19:08 14,362 posts
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    I went to see Skyfall alone, 11am on a weekday - it was brillant. There were 5 or 6 adults with the same idea/situation (to go alone) all dotted around the theater in silence.

    Personally I think as an adult man it's more socially acceptable to do things on your own, especially social things.
  • Deleted user 6 May 2013 08:40:54
    Cinema doesn't need to be a social thing and you get to a certain age and level of maturity that you realise that going on your own is fine. No one else that's there gives a fuck that you're on your own unless its a kids film.
  • spytech 6 May 2013 08:49:27 8 posts
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    hey fellows i have been going to cinema alone for more that four years.

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  • Salaman 6 May 2013 08:51:07 22,559 posts
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    I read a blog once from a lady who decided to actually go and eat out alone. She'd been in a situation often where she was travelling and wanted to go grab dinner but felt awkward about eating on her own and what people would think and how they would probably pity her and blahblahblah.

    So she decided to push herself to do this thing.

    The conclusion after a few lonely meals was that
    a) it's brilliant. Enjoy your food/wine and a good book. Just a bit of me time
    b) after a while you start to realise that nobody cares

    Same with going to the movie alone. In your mind you may think everyone is thinking something about you, as you're there alone.
    In reality you're part of the scenery to all those people. They don't notice you. They don't care.

    So if you want to see a movie and you can't find someone to tag alone. Just go see it.
  • Tonka 6 May 2013 08:53:03 25,562 posts
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    I really enjoy going to the cinema on my own. I don't mid going with my wife or friends or whatever. But it's not as if you can talk to people whilst in the cinema. I much prefer doing other social stuff when in a group.
  • Salaman 6 May 2013 08:59:49 22,559 posts
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    Don't you need someone with you to ask questions when you lose the plot?
  • beastmaster 6 May 2013 09:46:20 17,005 posts
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    I love going on my own but the split is about 50/50. Sometimes it's not so much as on your own but going when it's quite, which means going on my own.

    One thing I am fussy about where I sit. Always end up sitting on the back part of the front section. That way, I'm not too close to the screen and there's a huge gap behind me till the next set of seats start.

    However, for any major blockbuster it's the centre of the back row of the IMAX with mates on opening night.

    I think I've been pretty lucky with regards seeing films and the crowd in there. Mostly. I don't find it a problem at all.

    The worst best(?) experience we ever had was Highlander 2. Cinema was packed. About halfway through someone shouted out "This film is SHIT!!". After a brief moment someone else shouted "There can be only one!". What then followed were a load of different people shouting quotes from the original film.

    The crowd just went with it. Turned into our most memorable film viewing ever. Very funny indeed but could have so easily gone the other way.
  • Deleted user 6 May 2013 10:25:50
    haha that great. I saw spiderman 3 in a packed cinema. A guy in the front row just flipped. He thought he was the green goblin. (He had a mask) Just started running around screaming and shouting random crap. Hysterical.

    More entertaining than the film.
  • Tonka 6 May 2013 11:53:23 25,562 posts
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    Salaman wrote:
    Don't you need someone with you to ask questions when you lose the plot?
    I only go to plotless films like Transformers or TDKR
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