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  • El_MUERkO 24 Aug 2012 02:19:15 17,344 posts
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    I find it funny that the media roll their eyes at the idea of a conspiracy to discredit Assange via these rape charges. Eyes roll and 'tinfoil hat' jokes are muttered, "like anything of that nature really occurs outside of movies and TV".

    It appears to me a 'conspiracy' once discovered becomes a 'scandal' and the whole 'conspiracy' aspect of the scandal is forgotten.

    So the CIA conspire with governments around the world to kidnap people and bring them to secret prisons to be tortured. People around the world take note of the disappearances, evidence is found and the the conspiracy to 'rendition' is exposed. It includes the use of UK and Irish airports with the knowledge of both governments. It's shocking... and instantly re-branded a 'scandal', someone stick a 'gate' on the end of a word and the mainstream media goes to town on the story.

    So we get to Assange's character assassination after his website massively embarrasses a government directly responsible for some of the most brazen conspiracies to happen in the last 50 years.

    From the Bay of Pigs to the Venezuela Coup to the Iraq War Dossier the list of crazy, immoral, illegal things governments of the United States has done, often with the support of the UK government, boggles the mind.

    That so many look upon this perfect storm of circumstance and think to themselves 'Yeah, that Assange guy is guilty and just trying to avoid a fair trial in Sweden & anyone who says different is just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut' is a testament to self delusion of a populace unwilling to accept they can be fooled and lied to on a grand scale.

    There are people in this world who are sceptical and like to look at the bigger picture before forming an opinion based on the facts as they know them weighted by history and an understanding of what governments, members of the media and political classes will do to form a narrative that allows them to do as they wish.

    Then there are conspiracy nuts in this world and they will find patterns where there are none. I find it insulting that people sceptical of the motives of the US, UK and Swedish governments are being foisted into the same pile as the people who literally wear tinfoil hats.

    I also find it amusing that the people doing the foisting are the same people who'll rage when conspiracy turns to scandal. I wonder if they rage more because deep down inside they know they were played once again.
  • mal 24 Aug 2012 03:34:16 24,661 posts
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    A consipracy requires people to conspire, in secret, thereby making it debatable for anyone not in the know. Once it gets blown open or shot down it's no longer open to debate, but I don't see how anything else changes. Just the english word used to describe it.

    I dare say the US political machine would like to get its hands on Assange, but that doesn't stop the facts that he's been accused of rape and the Swedish authorities want to charge him. He's been given plenty of opportunity to appeal, but not once has he claimed that he's at any increased risk of being extradited to the US from Sweden than he already is from the UK. In fact, I suspect he's in less danger in Sweden, since I know the UK has signed up a bilateral agreement to allow people to be extradited to the US with little evidence, while I suspect Sweden won't have signed up to such a ridiculous deal.

    Put in short, pretty much everything in this case stinks to high heaven, and I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them. On the balance of things I trust the Swedes more than any of the rest of them.
  • Deleted user 24 August 2012 16:35:08
    Getting too hung up on the word 'conspiracy'.
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