Laptop screen cracked - Replacement ?

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  • oceanmotion 31 Jan 2008 19:17:26 15,665 posts
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    My friends old Sony Vaio laptop's screen is cracked, accidentally stepped on it during the night.

    So, how should she go about fixing it ? Is it easy and cheap to get the screen replaced ?
  • Khanivor 31 Jan 2008 19:23:57 40,402 posts
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    WooHoo!!! wrote:

  • Dirtbox 31 Jan 2008 19:36:54 77,480 posts
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    You have to send it back to the manufacturer.

    It'll probably cost up to a couple of hundred.

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  • Saladin 31 Jan 2008 19:40:17 669 posts
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    An Eee Pc would be cheaper ;)
  • THFourteen 31 Jan 2008 19:40:49 32,881 posts
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    oh dear. you stepped on your friends laptop
  • spindizzy 31 Jan 2008 19:42:13 6,427 posts
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    WooHoo!!! wrote:

    My friends old Sony Vaio laptop's screen is cracked, accidentally stepped on it during the night.

    So, how should she go about fixing it ? Is it easy and cheap to get the screen replaced ?

    LOL! Sony charged me 200 quid to get the hinge changed (which broke because of a design flaw). Maybe Sony have changed a bit since then, but dealing with their customer services made me never ever want to buy a Sony laptop ever again (highlight: keyboard died and when I called to ask if I could order a replacement and install it myself - answer, no - noone would speak to me until they had my credit card details to charge me 10 quid, since I was out of warranty).

    No it won't be easy, and it absolutely certainly won't be cheap. Sorry mate.

  • oceanmotion 31 Jan 2008 19:57:07 15,665 posts
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    Wasn't me, she did it. Couple of hundred eh, guess buying a new laptop is the way to go. Cheers chaps. It's old enough anyway, she was thinking about getting a new one, self sabotage. :D
  • EddieBear 31 Jan 2008 20:02:12 560 posts
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    She could always try getting a LCD monitor for it. Becomes less portable of course but if she only uses it around the house its not a bad solution.
  • twelveways 31 Jan 2008 20:04:17 3,870 posts
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    insurance job innit
  • gareth886 31 Jan 2008 21:01:16 2,841 posts
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    Same thing happened to a friends 600 Dell laptop (that was only 8 months old). They claimed off the insurance, bought a new one and I bought the busted one of them for 50, bought a new screen on ebay for 90 + a new keyboard for 15 and did a clean reinstall. The thing is like brand new. My dad is now the proud new owner of it. He's chuffed to bits with it.

    So my advise would be to check ebay. If its anything like a Dell laptop it'll be relatively simple to fit a new screen.
  • Deleted user 31 January 2008 21:21:10
    This happened to me a couple of years ago. Just claimed on the household insurance.
  • Sir_Walter_Rally 23 Oct 2013 13:15:30 775 posts
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    Can I just hijack this... does anyone know - I cracked my laptop screen, and it's 40 for a new screen, there is a standard ribbon cable for connecting up to the laptop, fine.

    But also there were two strange wires - they seemed to be embeded into the bottom bezel, and one went to the left hand side, and the other to the right - and there seems to have been a long thin glass tube that I smashed that maybe has somthing to do with it. The two wires (red & white) didn't seem to be connected to anything?

    Anyone have an idea of what this is?
  • midnight_walker 23 Oct 2013 13:20:53 1,876 posts
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    There's usually a little PCB near the bottom of the screen bezel that those two wires connect to. I'm not sure what it does but I do know it's important because it can fail and make you think the screen's broken, so you buy a new screen and it's still broken. Could also be wireless antennas or speakers though, if you have them on the side of the screen.
  • Sir_Walter_Rally 23 Oct 2013 13:42:23 775 posts
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    Wireless antennas is a good shout - sounds about right, since they didn't seem to be plugged into anything.

    The little PCB is something called an inverter I believe, but the screen is definitely smashed - you can see the impact zone, and bleeding.

    Just this thin long glass tube thing that smashed I don't know now. Was like a very miniture fluorescent bulb, seemed like it was embeded in the bezel of the actual screen part itself. :confused:
  • midnight_walker 23 Oct 2013 14:13:38 1,876 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Inverter! That's the thing. Do you have a webcam in your screen? Could the miscellaneous thingy be related to that? It doesn't sound familiar and I've taken a fair few screens apart at work.
  • PirateRoberts 28 Apr 2014 15:42:42 210 posts
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    Thought I bump this thread, to put this little laptop screen replacement tale in here to possibly help others.

    Recently, an in-law did his Thinkpad with a cup of tea. I advised him of the dry out procedurec and it started to work, but became intermittent at switching on. So I agreed to send our spare Thinkpad and did so via Royal mail. At this point, his own Thinkpad started to work quite reliably again, so when our Thinkpad arrived, he just let it sit for two weeks unchecked and unused.

    When he did finally get round to trying our Thinkpad, the packaging seemed perfect, but it wasn't working. It had a garbled white imagine on screen when you'd expect the bios info. From talking him through extensive checks, it was looking like a Rrod/ylod for the discrete GPU or CPU.

    Getting it back last week, it took very little time to detect that screen was in fact cracked and the system worked fine, provided you follow the video out instructions and can operate a TV. :)

    So being a thinkpad, I quickly downloaded the maintenance manual and then decided on upgrading the broken screen with the better 15.6 HD+ option which I order for about 50, 10 more than the 15.6 HD option. The screen arrived quite promptly and after striping the system to its screws, replaced the panel and fired it up.

    Initially I was pleased. The garbled image was gone and the display was working in all ways, except that the image was washed-out. So I assumed one of the LCD connectors were loose and so decided to rebuild again. But this time testing without a full rebuild. Just re-attaching the keyboard bezel (power switch), the laptop battery and the LCD cable to the panel and motherboard so if I could check if the cable/connectors were iffy.

    Reaching a dead end. I figured I might have nicked the cable with the plastic bezel and would assume the cable was faulty and replace it, so I could then return the LCD unit as faulty when or if it didn't fix the issue. At this point I learned a valuable lesson about laptop manufacturing that is quite idiotic.

    Despite all the hinges, wireless antennas, web cam and LCD bezel parts being shared between the two LCD screen options. There was 4 different LCD video cable part number options; two per screen. One as a Teflon (10 cheap) cable and the other (50 options) as a coax cable.

    Finding that these specialist HD+ monitor part numbers are limited to IBM Uk, I got a bit of a shock when they added the 15 carriage and VAT to take the 'cheap' cable up to +30.


    If replacing a Thinkpad LCD unit, either replace like for like; even that 1280x768 is a shite resolution for productivity software. Or make sure you also order the exact cable part number for the improved LCD unit at the same time.

    If you have a faulty Thinkpad screen or lenovo yoga screen with washed out colours, then it is most likely Lenovo fitted the wrong (internal) video cable part number for your device.
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