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  • ryohazuki1983 1 Apr 2014 12:34:59 806 posts
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    @richardiox AGORA is a marketplace much like SR but my friend prefers agora, TBH I'd suggest avoiding SR as many believe SR ran off with the bitcoins rather than being hacked and there's no longer an escrow system, meaning the funds go straight to the vendor without you confirming you've received the parcel, however it's your choice :)

    Just search google for "agora onion url" and you will find it, alternatively there's a reddit section for darknetmarkets which lists the marketplaces and URLs.

    It does depend where you are based but for UK my mate says agora is best, there's a number off long established vendors.

    I'd also suggest keeping transactions small to begin with at least, maybe my friend is just paranoid but feels more comfortable placing smaller orders thinking if something does go wrong he hasn't lost a huge amount of money.

    But IMO you're far more likely to encounter issues with face to face dealers rather than online as the feedback system is key, they need to keep customers happy with delivery time and quantity/quality, else their reputation suffers.

    Price wise, it's more than £10 a gram for smaller quantities, but he just got 7G of amnesia haze for about £70 - Depends on what exchange you get the coins from - coinbase are new and have the lowest price at the moment but I've never used them so can't comment on the service/ease of use. Bittylicious is the easiest (but not cheapest!) way to get coins, just put in your marketplace wallet number and then do a bank transfer, wait 30mins for it to get processed through the network then place order.

    @billythekid thanks, I knew it would be great stoned, need to convince the wife that I need another gadget.

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  • richardiox 1 Apr 2014 18:19:53 6,371 posts
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    Cheers for the heads up. Way more pricey than I thought (I remember regularly getting half ounces of kush / haze etc for £70 about 9 years ago. Weirdly, whilst the prices of Coke etc have come down in the UK, weed has basically doubled in price. The Canadian site I've used does 14g of Kush etc for less than £100 Inc postage. Or you can get "greenhouse" buds for £65 for 14g. Again, price includes international postage.
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