#2817773, By WanderingIssun Why so hostile?

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    NewYork wrote:
    Nothing's happened in this thread but the OP was so retarded, I'm disapproving in advance.

    Why retarded? That thing happened to me a few days ago when my PS3 exploded in a yellow LED fiesta. When I went to the shop I bought it from they understood something must have happened to the unit and agreed to change it right away. One of the technicians asked the other: "Do we still have 60Gig PS3's?" The other said there were still 2 available so I got a 60Gig back.

    But what would happen if my new PS3 exploded again, like this week? Would I have to wait while it was repaired? My warranty clearly says it's a replacement one. I bought the unit back in March knowing that if something went wrong I'd have a new unit given to me.

    I wouldn't want a 40Gig PS3 with less space, less features and no BC when I paid for those.
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