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    mal wrote:
    Trafford wrote:
    Like I thought mate, the symptoms are unmistakable.
    For me I think I caused it by inexperienced fettling. Had you had the wheel off?
    The axel doesn't rotate, and neither should any of the nuts on it. If they do it seems to me the bearings must have seized, either due to excessive tightening in the first place, a load of crap entering the bearing (tricky given the wheel's motion ought to spin most stuff out, not in) or rust. Do you store your bikes outside at all?
    No, all of my bikes are actually pretty well looked after - stored in a dry garage (I wish I still had the space in my flat) and I keep things clean and lubed (ahem).

    I have to admit that I am pretty rough with the single-speed - dropping off curbs etc, and it has been used every day throughout Winter.
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