#9945514, By smoothpete Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Mr_Sleep wrote:
    oceanmotion wrote:

    Meyer book.


    I honestly couldn't think of anything. So predictable, amatuer and probably the worst love triangle in history.They have chrome vehicles for some reason. Suppose to be peaceful so how on earth did they take over and without carnage. Absolute tripe.
    That's quite impressive, something that bad that it doesn't have a redeeming feature. I am almost tempted to watch it if it is that bad.
    Don't, it's truly awful. It would honestly be a waste of 2 hours. Instead maybe phone a relative, go for a walk in the park, plant a tree, stroke a cat, write an actual letter. It's such a crap film, there are so many better things to be done.
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