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    After watching 300 I thought that I should re-watch the daddy of all desperate stand movies. I first watched Zulu too many years ago as a young boy and I loved the excitement and desperation of it and those attributes still satisfy now that I'm older and more cynical.

    The film tells the story of a small contingent of British soldiers station at a missionary station called Rourke's Drift. After the annihilation of their brigade, the 100 troops find themselves under attack by 4000 Zulus. It's a classic war film, lacking the gore and effects you'll see in more modern films. It's also acted in a very dramatic fashion, which dates it as well, but that suits the era the film is set in.

    The story is exciting and well told. The scenery is amazing and looks great on blu-ray. It's full of interesting characters, the colour sergeant stands out for me. It's a great film that stands out today as much as it did when I first watched it.

    And there's some great singing in there as well, from both sides.

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