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    Talking about Documentaries, I recommend Bus174. Quite a hard hitting doc about a coked up 21yr old taking hostages on a bus during a blotched robbery in Brazil 2000. The whole incident is played on live TV which descends into a media circus.

    Film deals a lot with the social background of Brazil at that time. Mainly about the homeless street kids gangs. Including a massacre outside a church when 8kids(11-20 years old) were killed by police and many others wounded. Used to have about 60 kids sleeping rough outside the church. 50 officers were accused of the shootings, 3 were charged and 1 was convicted. The hostage taker was one of the survivors of this shooting.

    Quite a hard hitting doc. Has been described as watching a car crash when seeing the hostage situation unfold. You know it's going to go bad, just have to watch what will happen.
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