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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    Fair enough. But yeah, I think the main target audience is people who already know the songs.
    Actually, I thought that the closer camera angles and dramatic scale were supposed to have the opposite effect - appealing to people who don't normally like musicals. The people who know and love the play will see it whatever, the challenge for film musicals is to drag in the wider performance.

    I actually quite like musicals on stage (only seen about half a dozen; not seen Les Mis') but I really struggle with them on screen. I don't really want to see people singing in each other's faces when they're stood two metres away from each other - it just looks ridiculous. It's the wrong medium. On stage they can get away with it as there's a wider sense of performance, and the singers' banging out their tunes night after night can be quite impressive. On screen, robbed of the live element, it's just a bunch of actors doing multiple takes until they get it right.

    Just don't see the point of musicals on screen. They're pointless and there's never been a single one that's not been rendered entirely pointless by its on-stage equivalent.

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