#9344188, By repairmanjack Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Dredd. 7/10

    Bearing in mind I saw The Raid first (and that's a far more spectacular film), this probably was never going to be quite as good as I hoped. I like it - and think Urban was great in the role - but the city and too many visual references ground it in the modern day, which means that the comic book references that I really love seem more incongruous than the setting that they really should be. Sure, done on a budget, and I'd like to see this as the start of a franchise... but I just wanted it to be perfect. And it isn't.

    Looper. 9/10

    Sci-Fi done right. Willis is looking his age, but bringing all the things I love him for; JGL is always fantastic - and his mannerisms, etc, do a far better job of selling him as the younger version of Willis than the slightly dodgy prosthetics. Emily Blunt is typically gorgeous and the story was excellent. Even my sci-fi hating better half really enjoyed it.
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