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  • Deleted user 21 January 2013 21:22:05
    Hell Ride (2008) 7/10

    During one scene a barmaid bends over to pick up a beer, and The Gent (Michael Madsen) says Ďwhat-a-country..í - that pretty much sums up this film. Then again, thatís what Hell Rise wants to be. As the film cover states Ďfully loaded with bikers, babes and boozeí. Forget the story, that doesnít cunt, i mean count. Itís just a film filled with driven-in-movie vibes. Screwed up colour timing and all that stuff. It stars some big names, Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, David Carradine, Larry Bishop, Vinnie Jones, and Executive Producer Quentin Tarantino. Iíll be honest, under normal circumstances the DVD cover with itís bikers would make me run a mile. Slap the words Quentin Tarantino over the front and Iím attract like a bee is to a flower.

    Hell Ride does what it does well. Itís not deep, its not meaningful. Itís entertaining for a while. To be fair, the 76min runtime flashes by. Itís borderline ridiculous humorous stuff.

    Special mention goes to the audio. Thereís lots of snippets of music I loved..

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