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    bad09 wrote:
    This is where the "mockumentary" really hurts though, the troll hunter goes from "go away" to "Oh alright film everything, follow me in my life as a secret government troll killer". Not only him either, the vet, the official everyone else involved, only at the end do the secret officials suddenly think maybe these students filming everything is a problem ruins any kind of credibility of "real" this tired film style tries to convey.
    I thought the Troll Hunter's change of heart was clear enough and good character development for him - he was sick of his job and wanted out, so showing the students what really goes on is payback to the government for the harm they've done trollkind. The vet talked because the Troll Hunter said he'd take full responsibility. I think the official's not dealing with the students earlier is a convenience for the plot, but works if you imagine him being basically spineless and weak, doing what he's told but not putting himself in danger.

    But yeah, it's ace. Lots of fun :)
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