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    Murbal wrote:
    harrisimo wrote:
    And they missed a trick by not calling this movie "Blink" (which I seem to remember was a horror film about a girl who had an eye transplant)

    That wasn't a horror iirc, but a thriller where she witnessed a murder and 'saw' the killer who assumed she was still blind. Or something.

    Thanks. I stand corrected. On planes to and from Australia last month, I also saw the following:

    Benjamin Button: 8/10
    Revolutionary Road: 7/10 (book is better)
    The Reader: 8/10
    Changeling: 9/10 - Jolie is good
    Gran Torino - 8/10 Clint in growly goodness
    Paul Blart Mall Cop - 0/10 witless turd
    Marley and Me - 6/10 harmless doggy fun
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