#10272372, By gamingdave Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    thelzdking wrote:
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    Harry Brown - 8/10

    Superb performance by Michael Caine, and some solid support. A nasty revenge title set on a run down London estate, where an ex marine enacts his own justice. It takes things a little past the believable, but very watchable all the same.
    I found it completely silly at the end, but the first half is great. The tension in the scene where he's buying the gun is immense, and when he shoots him and tells him the story about when he was in the army is amazing.
    That was a very good scene indeed. I thought it worked very well to let you know he was back in war mode. It's made clear earlier on that he doesn't talk about the war, and has put it behind him. It's confirmed in that speech that he is back in war mentality.

    The ending did ramp up a bit too far from reality in some ways, but it didn't spoil it for me.
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