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    Nemesis wrote:
    Tomo wrote:
    We played Dixit, Ticket to Ride and then Space Cadets this evening. With a curry in between. Great stuff :).

    Needless to say, we got destroyed in Space Cadets and finished so late my friend missed last tube :/
    How are you finding Space Cadets? I mentioned it today to the guys...
    Absolutely love it. It's the best co-op game I've played, mainly because it actually requires co-operation, rather than a single person dictating play.

    Best of all, it's absolutely hilarious. Easily the funniest game I've played. It's hard to win, but that's besides the point really. The fun comes from seeing your fall apart because your Shield engineer has powered up only the port shield while your Helmsman has flown you through an asteroid field and managed to point your ship away from the enemy. Or because you've finally nailed the superlock and the Weapons officer over-enthusiastically flicks the counter of the table sending the ship's torpedo aimlessly into deep space.

    The only qualm I have is that there are a lot of small rules to remember. The individual stations are very simple to understand, but there is a lot to keep track of and the manual, while logically section, is quite dense. It can be tricky dipping into to check a clarification. But, I found some reference sheet on BGG today and they look absolutely perfect.
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