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    why don't you build one your self?

    I have just built a similar system from www.microdirect.co.uk. Used them loads and had no problems. I spent just over Ł550, but I already had a screen, case and some other peripherals:

    q6600 2.4 (GO stepping)
    Asus P5B Plus vista edition
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
    Geil Ultra DDR2 2.0GB PC6400 Dual Channel
    Sparkle GF 8600 GT SLI 256MB
    DVD RAM/+-R
    Vista Home Premium x64
    250Gb Maxtor SATAII
    Blue Storm II (500w) PSU

    The 8600GT is not particularly fantastic, but I overclocked it up about 20% (650/850mhz) so it is not too bad. But there are other non-dx10 cards which will probably give you better results. search the forum for other posts about video cards.

    The 500w PSU is the lowest that you should go, but I got a blue storm after good reviews of it.

    by the way, the Q6600 is a fantastic overclocker. I am running mine at 3.1ghz, and it ran stable through prime95 for over 13 hours.

    If you are worried about building your own system, just search the net. There are loads of sites offering help. But when i built my system everything worked like a charm - even vista! The only thing I really had to was update the P5B Bios.
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