#2931575, By Idoru You thought Real Dolls were bad...

  • Idoru 3 Jan 2008 12:28:06 368 posts
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    smoothpete wrote:
    It must be such an unhealthy thing to want t do, emotionally... I pity the grandmother but jebus, that can't be good for her mental state, replacing her lost grandson with a doll. Bad news.

    I know - I can just picture her with that fake baby in her lap sitting in a darkened room on a rocking chair slowly going insane

    As for the programme itself, I thought it was one of the worst examples of exploitative car crash tv I've seen in a while (especially how they created the impression early on that both her daughter and grandson had died)

    It did get me thinking about where this kind of thing could go in the future though. Why stop at babies? - you could have all of your dead loved ones recreated in lifelike latex. Imagine walking into that room..
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