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    So over the months since the 360,PS3 and Wii have been released, i've read lots of bluster on here and other places about whether certain games and controllers are revolutionary, phrases like "The Real Next Gen", "Emergent Gameplay" etc, all this marketing faff designing to hide, imho of course, the simple truth, gaming hasn't really gone anywhere in the last decade. Production values have shot up, audio and visuals have been refined, the hype-machine polished til it gleams but when was the last time you said, "i've never seen or played anything like this, ever."?

    When you cut away all the bulky cutscenes, homo-erotic machismo, cutesy japaneseness and general clutter from all modern games, how many actual different types of games are there? and more importantly, how many of them are truly new? I'll throw together a list and some thoughts, please add if i miss anything :)

    Shooters - This covers FPS's, shoot-em up's, basically firing bullets/lasers/fireballs at a collection of pixels for a reward of other pixels, points, and bigger bullets/lasers/fireballs. Asteroids, Wolfenstein etc, as old as gaming itself.

    Sports - Football, Tennis, Ice Hockey etc. I remember having some crappy console in the pre- zx spectrum days that was as basic as they came but allowed me to pretend i was playing a ball game of some description. Also as old as gaming and no amount of flashy ronaldinho step-overs can change that :)

    Platformers - Mario. Nuff said.

    Beat'em ups Who remembers playing the orginal Street Fighter arcade machine with the gigantic pressure-senstive buttons? Or that golden oldie Karate Champ with the dual joysticks? I wonder where Sony stole their dualshock ideas from? :)

    RPG's - Ok lets be brutally honest here, since the days of Final Fantasy 1 (east) and Bard's Tale (west), what's been revolutionary, whats been just refinement and a load more storage space? And multiplayer RPG's (i.e. D&D etc) pre-date your WoW's and EQ's by a good 30 years.

    Driving - Could easily be classed as a type of Sports Sim and besides there's been a billion of them! Even Gran Turismo, the PS1 original and by far the biggest step forward in driving realism at that point in time, was only a refinement allowed by the technology of the time.

    Strategy - A slightly newer genre of gaming but still as old as the Spectrum. Ok so not that new then :p And lets not even talk about board games!

    Rythym Action - Ah now this is probably the newest form of gaming and arguably the last true revolution in gaming but they've been around since at least the early 90's iirc.

    Puzzle Games - Tetris. The best thing to come out of Soviet Russia since Sputnik.

    Controllers - The Wimote is a cross between a tv remote and a mouse. The Dualshock is a bunch of ideas stolen from arcade machines. The Sixaxis is a rushed tack-on. The analogue stick (N64, PS2/3, Xbox) is again refined arcade technology.

    Heh the more i think about it, the more it seems the arcades were the true hotbed of creative gamemaking :) But they've all died a death under the groaning weight of console gaming.

    I think the point i'm trying to make under all this prattling on is that people sold on the idea that PS3/Xbox360/Wii are truly next generation consoles are sorely mistaken. They may have multi-core CPU's, power-sucking GPU's, 7.1 audio etc but they do nothing fundamental different from the Atari 2600, the ZX Spectrum, that dirty old arcade machine in your local chipshop, and until people stop squabbling over the minutae and look all the big players in the eye and demand something new, truly groundbreaking, gaming will be condemned to rehashed classics and polished old turds. And nothing else.

    /inserts 2 cent into thread
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