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    @mcmonkeyplc The Didact is the head of the Forerunner's military. He defeated the original human army, and had them genetically regressed as punishment. When they found we had been fighting the Flood, not them, he assembles a new army - by using the Composer to reduce us to atoms, and reassembling said atoms as the Prometheans. He kept a bit of the human form in them as a mockery of his former enemy, us. The Librarian then locks him up in the Cryptum, for his crimes, and brings his army under her control to guard him.

    So he created the Prometheans to fight the flood?
    [Spoiler]No, they were created to fight the humans, then they used them to fight the Flood after the humans were defeated. However there wasn't enough of them to defeat the flood so he decided to use humans to make an even larger army.

    Then they created the Halo rings cause even that army wasn't big enough?!

    Fuck me, what a bunch of Bumders.
    [Spoiler]No, the Halo array was the idea of his wife - The Librarian. The Diadact opposed this idea as it would mean the end of the Forerunners as well. She took samples of all known life in the galaxy so it could be spread afterwards. Then she shot the Diadact, sealed him within Requiem so he would survive and the used the Halos to kill everything.
    Where is all this explained? Do they not think they need to explain this shit to people that play the games?

    Fuck me.

    Come and get it cumslingers!

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