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    I am a backpacker at present. I am travelling around a fairly vast yet empty country called Australia.

    I have been working (very bloody hard) in the outback in Queensland for ten weeks; I finally arrived in Melbourne several weeks ago to watch the Australian Open, which has now finished. I am currently looking for jobs at the moment, which is not going quite as well as I hoped.

    Anyway… The thing is, and the reason why I am in this very thread, it seems to me that 99% of backpackers do not actually ‘backpack’ or travel anymore. Why one may ask?

    Because all they are doing is looking for a free Wi-Fi spot and spending all day - and I mean ALL DAY - on Facebook.

    I thought life and humans in general can be quite sad sometimes but here, in Melbourne, I have seen it all now. Facebook is the number one priority in a backpackers life.

    Well, except me. I'm travelling and enjoying the real backpackers life, a life that only 1% of genuine backpackers seem to be pursuing.

    Also...! I was writing some letters to my Grandparents and a few University friends in a rather nice riverside cafe when suddenly, out of the bluest blue, two young girls sat opposite me and asked what I was doing. I decided not to be sarcastic and said, ‘I am writing a letter home to my Grandparents and a few of my friends’.

    They then looked at me as if the concept of writing a letter is entirely new to them. Dumbfounded, the girl on my left said, ‘well, why don’t you just use Facebook instead?’

    That was the part where I looked at them with mild disgust, a look of disgust that was perhaps so mild that one would probably wonder just what kind of expression I provoked, then I proceeded to pick up my pen and continue writing my letters.

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