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    They're irrelevant musically now of course, have been for a long time, but Master of Puppets was a huge deal at the time. I didn't know a single metal/rock fan who didn't love it. It didn't matter what you were into, everyone was blown away by that album, it sounded fucking amazing and it felt important.

    I don't know if anyone now who wasn't there at the time, especially through the lense of today's musical landscape, would be able to see it (especially in the light of who Metallica are now and have been since the black album: increasingly nothing more than an embarrassing bunch of rich egos whose opinion of themselves and actual talent grow further apart by the album) but Metallica were fucking cool in the 80s, and Master of Puppets was a revelation.

    Unfortunately it was probably (given the subsequent rapid decline) largely due to the genius of the guy in the band who at the time was soon to be dead, but either way it was one of those genuinely important moments in music. In the 80s only Reign In Blood and maybe Appetite for Destruction came close to that kind of significance off the top of my head.

    Personally at the time MoP was released I was listening to all the early thrash/death stuff, in fact anything weird and wonderful and nasty and heavy I could get my hands on, and I don't mind saying the first day I put Master of Puppets on my turntable is one of the most memorable days of the 80s for me. Sorry but it was and is bloody great. Shame they're such talentless tossers now.
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