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    I am 6'1, roughly 146 pounds, so a BMI of 19.3. I think I am relatively fit. I run 5km in under twenty minutes maybe twice a week, I am a member of a gym, I can do thirty or so push ups with my nose touching the floor, I cycle everywhere and I play football for a team. I eat extremely well, practically no sugar, not a lot of fat, lots of salads and fish and pasta and other typically healthy food stuff. I am not however satisfied with my body, mainly with what is a rather large gut and bum. If this seems impossible considering my weight then it's explained by my disproportionate body, my gangly arms and legs.

    I think I have become this disproportionate mess because of a previous medical condition, an insulinoma, a tumour in the pancreas which secretes insulin causing blood sugar to drop indefinitely to dangerously low hypoglycemic levels without nourishment. It is the opposite of diabetes, so too much insulin instead of too little. I was able to feel my self entering a hypoglycemic state when I was awake so I could eat and I would be fine, but I couldn't feel hypoglycemia when I was asleep, so I would overeat each night before going to bed, mostly heavy carbohydrates like wholegrain cereal and bread.

    It became an obsessive compulsion where I couldn't sleep without eating and the amounts I would eat steadily increased - sometimes I was eating two bowls of cereal (muesli) and four or five slices of toast each night just before I went to bed and I could only allow my self to sleep for six hours. I tried to counter this by eating as little as possible while I was awake, basically fasting, before this ritualistic evening feast every night. Still, my weight increased a lot.

    I had a successful operation a few years ago so I no longer suffer from any medical conditions but I still obsessively compulsively ate each night, but not to the same extent as while I had the insulinoma. I have only stopped eating like this recently, for the last few months. My weight after the operation has been up and down a lot, I rarely had a pair of trousers which fit me correctly. That is quite a good measure actually - my largest has been above a waste of 36 and now I am a 30 or 32.

    So yeah, that is very long and garbled explanation for why my weight has been constantly changing over the past few years and why I have a disproportionate body with gangly limbs and a bit of a gut and bum. I want to lose weight in my gut more than anything, then the bum - how do I do this? I ask because it seems almost impossible. If I put on weight anywhere it's my gut and if I lose weight anywhere it's my limbs, almost as if the hub of my body is this parasitic blob which hoards fat. Is there anything specific I can do to lose this belly?
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