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    Score numbers are just subjective as argued many times before here and elsewhere, and comment that 'award this any less than 10/10 would simply be churlish' for me gave rise to a sense of injustice.

    That would attempts to brush under carpet my own experiences of the game, and even more ALL the discussions, pros and cons of the game IN this thread alone. All the praises and the complaints, TO have selective hearing and favouring only the positives?!

    If gun was held to my head, I would happily asy 8/10 is more fair reflection of the game but there are occasions that I would have given it 10/10 and another less.

    Am I churlish? Others are? Dont think so, but please go ahead and argue fairly the pluses and minuses.

    We got months and months of the game to wade through, and hopefully the added patches and extra refinements coming would gradually keep pushing back the negatives.
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