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    It's worth reading up on the forums and then picking a racial preference and specialising in it. I for example put all of my skills for the first couple of years into Minmatar so that I could really pack a massive punch with artillery (I remember once insta-popping a guy in his blackbird EW cruiser with my tempest battleship sometime back in 2005) :)

    All of the races have their good points, and in the early days you will do well to pick something and stick to it, and then branch out later to try different things.

    There are so many skills to learn, my character has been constantly training for about 8 years now so it's a game that you can never max out on.

    Regarding corps - join the recruitment in-game channel and speak to people that are recruiting new players to their corps. Pick wisely though, some corps just want to gather as many players as possible so that they can skim a % of your earnings. Look for a corp that wants to hang out together and work towards common goals. Theres nothing that can touch EVE for the way it integrates people together in corps, I've seriously been flying with some of he same people that I met over 8 years ago, which is pretty awesome.

    Enjoy the trial and I hope you stick with EVE, it's a VERY rewarding, yet sometimes brutal game.
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