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    MrSemprini wrote:
    Chaps, I have a confession to make. I appear to have managed to order, all on my own without any help, a copy of Super Mario Land. Somehow I resisted asking on the forum where is the best place to get it from, what deals are out there, do I need the second circle pad, should I sell my 3DS and buy it again when the new model is out, get that or Zelda as they're out on the same day or what to have for my breakfast this morning.

    Furthermore, I have no intention of telling you when I get a shipping notice, updating each day it doesn't arrive, when it arrives, if it arrives while I'm at work telling you it's arrived at work but I have to wait several hours to play it, when I first fire it up and how lovely it is to play, when I've completed it and what I'm having for lunch.

    Truly, I am terribly sorry.

    If you was to ask I would only answer the most important question and that is.....

    Breakfast. Oat so simple golden syrup flavour, they are yummy, especially with an extra spoon of tate & lye golden syrup mixed in.
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