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    Gah! Bastard bloody cats!

    Heard a horrendous, undulating yowl echoing through the house as I was getting dressed this morning and rushed downstairs to discover the cat perched on the end of the sofa in the classic 'I'm going to be sick' pose - bottom up, head down, gripping the arm rest with grim determination.

    Scooped him up under his armpits and, holding him at arms length, open the front door as he was making horrible "Hyuck! Hyuck!" noises...

    Only to be confronted by a young family walking past on the pavement, looking very shocked at the sight of me standing on my doorstep, wearing only my socks and a pair of underpants, holding a cat covered in sick, in the rain.

    Great start to the day.

    And to make matters worse ten minutes later I found the hairy little vomit machine outside the kitchen window, furiously digging a very large hole in the lawn. Which he then proceeded to have an equally large crap NEXT to. Not in it, just next to it.

    I hate my cat. He's a complete and utter dick.
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